Introducing 'Green Pee', a street planter that grows plants by making water and fertilizer from standing urine

The city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, which has been suffering from standing urine for a long time, reports that the number of standing urination has decreased by 50% as a result of introducing a planter ' GreenPee ' that produces organic nutrients and water from urine on the street.

Amsterdam installs sustainable urinals to combat 'wild peeing' --CNN Style

At first glance, GreenPee looks like a fairly large flowerpot with a futuristic design made up of straight lines. However, the feature is that the side part is open, and in fact this side is a urinal for men. The inside of GreenPee is packed with hemp fiber or a special filter to suppress the bad odor caused by urine. In addition, hemp fiber turns into organic fertilizer, and filters can turn urine into water. In addition, it has a 30-liter tank that stores rainwater, so there is no need to connect it to a water and sewage system.

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There are two types of GreenPee, single and double, and it is said that single can receive 300 times of urine and double can receive 450 times of urine. In addition to being able to visually check the remaining amount of hemp fibers and filters, it seems that remote monitoring is also possible by installing a smart level sensor as an option.

The Green Pees was developed by Dutch urban development company Urban Senses and environmental psychologist Richard De Vries, who met with the Amsterdam City Council in 2018 and Green Pees was adopted on a trial basis. It was. At the time of writing the article, a total of 12 Green Pee units have been installed in Amsterdam. 'The number of standing urination has been reduced by 50%, and the project is a huge success,' said De Vries.

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De eerste plassers maken al gebruik van de GreenPee. #Greenpee #urinoir #circulair @gemeenteamsterdam

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According to De Vries, GreenPee not only protects historic buildings from the corrosive effects of urine, but also has the environmental advantage of using less water than traditional toilets. “In addition, the plants planted in the planters can effectively green the city by attracting a variety of insects,” says De Vries.

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The first urban bees arrived at the GreenPee. The so called GreenBees;) #greenpee #urinal #circulair

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In addition to Amsterdam, GreenPee is said to have been introduced in two cities in the Netherlands and Belgium, 'I would like to actively promote GreenPee to other countries in the future,' De Vries said. .. In the future, he is aiming to research and develop a new type of Green Pee that can generate electricity as well as grow plants.

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