I tried using 'Pack de steamed bread' which can be completed in 3 minutes without a container or weighing just by putting water in the bag

' Pack de steamed bun ' is perfect for a morning meal when you don't have time and effort, just by 'pour water up to the line written on the bag and chin for 3 minutes'. What kind of food is the gluten-free pack de steamed bun that uses 'white sorghum flour' instead of wheat flour? So, I actually bought it and tried it.

Pack de steamed bread (trial product) --Food / gluten (wheat) allergy alternative food 'safe and secure white sorghum'


This is the pack de steamed bread package. This time, I bought 3 types of plain, cocoa, and matcha. Since the package is not thick in either case, it does not seem to take up storage space.

Let's start with the plane.

Ingredient names include white sorghum powder, sugar (sugar beet), salt, baking powder, etc. White sorghum is

a type of grass white millet that does not contain gluten, which causes wheat allergies, and is rich in dietary fiber and iron / magnesium. Pack de steamed buns use zero flour and instead use white sorghum flour.

The content is 80g, and the calories per meal is 285kcal.

There is a notch in the middle of the package, so gently split it so that the opening is as horizontal as possible.

There is an oxygen scavenger inside, so take it out ...

I will make the bottom so that the bag that was petanco becomes three-dimensional.

If you make the bag three-dimensional, the powder will fall to the brown line. Below is a three-dimensional package on the left and a flat package on the right.

I will pour water.

It's OK if you put up to the light blue 'Mizuirono Mizuko Line' line. There is a mark, so it is convenient that you do not need to measure water.

Immediately after pouring water, lumps were formed, but if you mix it well for about 1 minute ...

The lump disappeared and it looks like this.

Drop the bag on the desk several times to remove the air from the seeds.

All you have to do is heat it in a 500W microwave for 3 minutes.

He said, 'If you use carbonated water instead of water, it will be even more fluffy', so while waiting for 3 minutes, I will try to make a carbonated water version.

When you pour carbonated water ...

It foams and makes it a little difficult to check the amount of water. Pour carbonated water up to the water level while crushing the bubbles. This is also heated in a 500W microwave for 3 minutes.

It was completed from the steamed bread made with water earlier, so when I take out the bag from the microwave ...

It was packed with round steamed buns.

The steamed bun and the inside of the bag are stuck together, so peel it off with a fork etc ...

If you turn the bag upside down and shake it several times ...

Kororin and steamed buns came out.

Compared to the second generation iPhone SE with a total length of 138.4 mm, it looks like this.

In addition, the steamed bread (right) made from carbonated water has also been completed, so let's line it up. The size is a little bigger than the carbonated water version, but it's almost the same.

When I break something made with water, it looks like this ...

The carbonated water version looks like this.

When you try to eat something made with water, the fluffy and moist finish is the steamed bread itself, but unlike wheat flour, you can feel the coarse graininess and the sticky texture. Also there that you are firmly attached it is sweetened with beet sugar, 'sweets

karukan There were also voices that are similar to (Kalkan)'. It has a soft finish, but when you eat it as a whole, it fills your stomach well, so it's a good alternative when you say, 'I forgot to buy bread for breakfast!' It becomes hard when it cools, so it is recommended to eat it while it is hot and fluffy.

When I tore off the carbonated water version, I got the impression that the bubbles were a little big. However, the fluffiness is not so different from when using water, so tap water or mineral water was sufficient.

I will also make cocoa flavor.

In addition to white sorghum powder and sugar (sugar beet), cocoa powder and black sorghum are included in the raw material names. The content is 80g and the calories are 288kcal, which is almost the same as plain.

If you pour water and knead this too ...

Heat in a 500W microwave for 3 minutes.

This is what I took out of the bag. The good scent of cocoa is spreading.

You can see the fluffiness of steamed bread by watching the following movie.

Fluffy feeling of 'Pack de steamed bread' --YouTube

This is also a strong sweetness that children will like, and has a soft cocoa scent. Perhaps because it contains black sorghum flour, I felt a 'unique aroma not found in wheat flour' than plain, but it doesn't have a particularly strong sense of discomfort, so if you don't know it, you can eat it deliciously as 'steamed bread'. Can be done.

The last is matcha flavor.

Following white sorghum powder and sugar (sugar beet), the letters of organic matcha (produced in Shizuoka) are lined up. The content is 80g.

Calories are 288.1 kcal per bag.

This is also mixed with water ...

Heat in the microwave for 3 minutes.

Completed quickly.

As with the cocoa flavor, the matcha does not come out entirely, but rather a 'sweet steamed bun with a slight matcha scent.' The scent of matcha goes through the nose in the aftertaste, and the bitterness is slightly felt, so even children can eat it. The steamed bun itself resembled Karukan, so the finish seemed to go very well with that.

In addition, pack de steamed bread can be purchased on the official website for 250 yen including tax per bag ...

Pack de steamed bread (trial product) --Food / gluten (wheat) allergy alternative food 'safe and secure white sorghum'

In addition to the plain, cocoa, and matcha flavors reviewed this time, Amazon has a set of 'meal bread' types that can be purchased for 1061 yen including tax.

Amazon.co.jp: Nakano Sangyo Range 3 minutes steamed bread Gluten-free Allergy-free pack de Steamed bread 4 types (plain 80g x 1 bag, cocoa 80g x 1 bag, matcha 80g x 1 bag, edible 80g x 1 bag) : Food / Beverage / Liquor

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