Twitter announces increased protection of 'important accounts' to prevent confusion in presidential elections

In connection with the

United States presidential election to be held on November 3, 2020, Twitter is 'political attention' while it is feared that various hoaxes and misleading discourses will be spread on SNS. Encourage highly influential accounts to strengthen their security measures. '

Improved Account Security during the 2020 US Election

Twitter rolls out new security features to prevent Election Day chaos --The Verge

In a blog post posted on September 17, 2020, Twitter said, 'Voters, political candidates, elected officials, and journalists can discover and share reliable news and information about elections. I use Twitter every day, and we take responsibility for them seriously. '

So Twitter should step up security measures for high-profile government officials, parliamentarians, political campaigns, major news outlets, political journalists, and other government officials during the 2020 presidential election. He said he decided to urge him. Notifications prompting security enhancement are displayed on Twitter as shown in the image below, it is required to use a strong password, and it is recommended to enable two-step authentication.

Twitter has also announced that it will automatically enable 'account password reset protection' for these accounts. Account password reset protection is a setting that prevents unauthorized password resets by requiring confirmation of your email address or phone number when resetting your password.

In the coming weeks, Twitter will 'sophisticate detection to help you respond quickly to suspicious activity,' 'strengthen login protection to prevent malicious account hijacking,' and 'quickly resolve account security issues.' We also plan to introduce internal security measures such as 'quick account recovery support for'.

'This decision to focus on well-known accounts follows one of the biggest account breaches Twitter has ever experienced,' said The Verge. Following the hacking of accounts by Apple, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and former US President Barack Obama in July 2020, Twitter has announced that this type of incident will occur in connection with the election. He said he was trying to prevent it.

Twitter companies and celebrity accounts such as Apple and Elon Musk are hacked all at once --GIGAZINE

Election experts warn that false election results may be declared before the election results are finalized, confusing people, or disseminating chaotic and unreliable claims in the media and social media. .. IT companies have taken measures against election obstruction on the Internet, Google has announced that it will adjust the 'auto-complete function', and Twitter has announced a policy to remove election and voting hoaxes.

Google will partially delete the 'auto-complete function' that predicts search words as a measure against the presidential election, and Twitter will also change the policy to eliminate election obstruction --GIGAZINE

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