Introducing the villainous-looking variable scorpion-type gaming chair 'Scorpion'

Cluvens , a Chinese gaming chair brand, has announced the giant scorpion-shaped gaming chair ' Scorpion '.

Cluvens Scorpion Computer Cockpit --Cluvens

This villainous Scorpion can transform! --Cluvens

Nothing says'ready to game' quite like being cocooned in a giant scorpion cockpit --The Verge

Cluvens's 'Scorpion' is a gaming chair created with the image of a scorpion. There is a screen mount on the tail of the scorpion, which allows the user to sit on a chair as if sitting on the scorpion. The height and angle of the screen mount can be fine-tuned using the dedicated remote control, and up to three monitors can be installed.

Scorpion also comes with massage and heating features, and Cluvens says, 'You can spend quality time while having a villainous look like the villains in the anime.'

Scorpion can take 6 poses, and each pose changes the angle of the chair back and the angle of the screen mount. Looking at how Scorpion transforms from the front, it looks like this.

Seen from the side, it looks like this.

Further from the back.

The armrest where the mouse and keyboard can be placed looks sharp, but in reality the corners are rounded, so there is no danger of cutting the skin. In addition, Scorpion does not support the entire weight with each foot, but it is supported by the second joint part of the second foot from the front and the fourth foot from the front, so there is no worry of damaging the floor. is. In addition, Scorpion's legs are surprisingly mobile, so Cluvens even notes that 'Scorpion sometimes feels like a pet rather than a machine.'

When @PharaohOW tweeted how this Scorpion was transformed, this tweet was retweeted more than 89,000 times at the time of writing the article, and it is so popular that more than 254,000 likes are collected.

The weight of Scorpion is about 120kg. The height and length change with each deformation, but the total length is up to 1990 mm and the total height is up to 2000 mm.

Scorpion sells for $ 3,299 , but sells for $ 1999.

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