Demo movie of smartphone app 'Smooth Track' that allows you to operate the viewpoint by 'just moving your face' in cooperation with the in-game camera

' SmoothTrack ' is an application that can synchronize the movement of the player's face with the viewpoint in the game if there is a smartphone camera without using a VR headset. At the time of writing the article, SmoothTrack is only compatible with some PC games, and developer John Göring has released a demo movie.

SmoothTrack (iOS + Android) --seamless Head Tracking with any iOS 13 or AR-capable Android device! --YouTube

The screen on the smartphone side is at the bottom right of the screen. By projecting the face on the in-camera of the smartphone, the movement of the player's line of sight is reflected in the game.

The game you are playing in the movie is '

Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) '. If the player moves his face to the right, the in-game viewpoint moves to the right ...

If you move your face to the left, the viewpoint will also move to the left.

If you bring your face closer to the camera, the viewpoint in the game will move forward. The feeling of checking the operation panel while looking at the scenery is exactly the pilot.

SmoothTrack is compatible with games that can be played on a PC, and can also be used with '

X-Plane ' created based on JAXA and NASA data.

In addition, it seems that it is possible to adjust the position of the viewpoint in the game, and it seems that you can enjoy the scenery from outside the cockpit, which is impossible in reality.

In addition, you can see how SmoothTrack is used in the space development simulation game '

Kerbal Space Program ' in the movie. Demos mainly for flight simulator games have been released, but a system that can synchronize the viewpoint with the game without a headset seems to be useful for FPS games as well.

Also, on Mr. Goering's channel, the setup procedure of SmoothTrack was released in a movie.

SmoothTrack --Detailed Setup Tutorial --YouTube

'Smooth Track' can be purchased from the App Store for 1220 yen including tax and Google Play for 1060 yen including tax. In addition, 'OpenTrack' installed on the PC side to use SmoothTrack can be downloaded for free from GitHub.

SmoothTrack on the App Store

SmoothTrack-Google Play app

Releases · opentrack / opentrack · GitHub

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