Amazon continues to sell its own brand 'Amazon Basic' products despite being warned that there is a 'risk of fire'

Some of the 'Amazon Basic ' products that Amazon sells under its own brand have received many warnings from user reviews that they are 'at risk of fire.' However, overseas media such as CNN reported that Amazon has left these products unattended and continues to sell them as they are.

Dozens of Amazon's own products have been reported as dangerous --melting, exploding or even bursting into flames. Many are still on the market --CNN

AmazonBasics products are going up in flames, but not enough for Amazon to stop selling them --The Verge

AmazonBasics products exploding, starting fires: report | The Hill

Extensive research by CNN reveals the existence of Amazon Basic products that continue to be sold despite being 'at risk of fire.'

According to CNN, one of the 'fire-risk' Amazon basic products is the USB cable used to charge smartphones and the like. One reviewer wrote that the USB cable burned and ignited the chair, forcing him to go to the hospital. Another reviewer reported that an Amazon Basic surge protector with only one charger was ignited next to the room where the baby was sleeping.

It has long been pointed out that Amazon Basic products can cause explosions, ignitions, smoke, and melting. According to CNN, more than 1,500 reviews have posted reviews containing words such as 'danger' and 'fire' for at least 70 different products since 2016.

Of the products that have received three or more reviews that point out that there is a risk of fire, about 30 types are sold on even at the time of writing the article. 'At least four products have been discontinued after CNN published the report,' said The Verge, an overseas media outlet.

Despite many Amazon basic products pointing out the danger of fire, Amazon has recalled the brand's products only twice so far. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has expressed concern about Amazon Basic products as well as CNN's report, but also said that it has received only about 10 reports of the brand's products in the last eight years. increase.

On the other hand, Amazon shares 'How to secure Amazon basic products' on its blog.

Ensuring the safety of AmazonBasics products for our customers

Amazon says, 'Amazon is always customer-focused and strives every day to earn customer trust. Knowing that customers expect Amazon Basic products to be safe and of high quality. Our goal is to exceed that expectation, 'he said, introducing some of the company's product safety verification processes.

First of all, Amazon is taking preventive safety measures before the actual production of Amazon basic products. Amazon thoroughly researches industry technical standards and compliance and safety requirements for products or categories before commercialization and develops its own safety standards. The supply chain that meets this standard will be examined for quality control systems and quality control evaluations at the factory, and the factory will continue to be audited even after the alliance. Furthermore, by requesting the factory to submit a quality control document that describes the defect rate and material control in the manufacturing process, we have created a mechanism to check whether the product complies with industry standards. According to Amazon, 180 different safety, regulatory compliance and quality tests are being conducted, and apart from this, up to 250 chemical analyzes and flammability verifications are also conducted.

In addition, even after the product is on sale, we continue to conduct additional tests at third-party laboratories and audit whether the product meets Amazon's safety and quality standards and compliance. And that. In addition, Amazon 'proactively monitors customer reviews and safety feedback and takes necessary steps to exclude products from retail outlets, adjust designs, and discontinue use of products. Includes things like notifying customers. '

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