Headline News on September 10, 2020

From Burger King, who has newly developed four types of cheese-scented 'cheese buns,' ' Cheese Agree Beef Burger, ' which is more confident in taste than it looks, will be released on September 11, 2020. Cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles that go well with 100% beef patty grilled on an open fire are finished with creamy mayonnaise and ketchup, making it a hamburger that is more delicious than it looks. That is. The price is 740 yen including tax for a single item and 1040 yen for a set.

This is the newly developed cheese buns. It is said that Gouda cheese, Egmont cheese, and mozzarella cheese are evenly applied to the dough before fermentation and fermented, and then cheddar cheese is layered and baked by hand.

By the way, the same article was published on the same day of the past month.

Studies show that taking a nap reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke-GIGAZINE

'What happened on the day of the impact of the giant meteorite?' That destroyed the dinosaurs was revealed --GIGAZINE

`` Popular programming language 2019'' announced that you can understand the programming language that programmers really support --GIGAZINE

Why do people so hard to believe in 'wrong thoughts'? The scientific karakuri is shown in research --GIGAZINE

What is 'Dweb', a new world of the web created by connecting individuals without a huge administrator such as Google or Facebook? --GIGAZINE

'Medieval Fantasy City Generator' that automatically generates a fictitious medieval city in an instant --GIGAZINE

Paint the roads white to lower the average temperature by 3 degrees. Los Angeles climate change measures --GIGAZINE

Encouraging children to take programming lessons makes them more motivated than learning a foreign language-GIGAZINE

◆ Material (memo, various other)

I tried playing 'Senbonzakura (super high speed)' [Piano] --Nico Nico Douga

Transition destination ranking BEST5 when clicking under 18 years old on the customs website BEST5 | Magica Square Garden

CNN.co.jp: Which type are you? Cat owners are classified into 5 types English study

◆Science (Science/Academic/Technology)
CNN.co.jp: World Wildlife, Average 68% Decrease in 40 Years WWF

Will the trauma remain? Research on the impact on 'Corona Baby' begins | National Geographic Japan version site

'The Industrial Revolution is a crystal of the blood and sweat of black slaves.' Minoru Kawakita explains the researcher who overturned the common sense of history | Jinbundo

◆Society, politics, economy (incidents, world news, business)
Defense Minister Kono Dissolution of the House of Representatives 'I think it will probably happen in October' | To resign from Prime Minister Abe | NHK News

Former MIC bureaucrat who was 'relegated' in opinion to Secretary of State Suga accused his real name 'I think it is leadership to suppress officials' (1/5) <Weekly Asahi> | AERA dot.

CNN.co.jp: New Corona is a priest who says 'God punishment' for same-sex marriage, positive in test Ukraine

Mr. Honjo of the Nobel Prize, 2.2 billion yen missing declaration Pointed out by the National Taxation Bureau: Asahi Shimbun Digital

'Why can't I get my license back?' Even though I'm not guilty, a woman sues in a declaratory judgment lawsuit-Mainichi Shimbun

Leopalace21, accounting staff rushed to voluntary retirement and postponed settlement of accounts again: Market conditions Kabu full power 2 stories

Is it more isolated than last time? Voice to Mr. Ishiba 'Think a little' To recover with party membership vote Is 'Great Reset' a double-edged sword?

United Nations Investigate China's Human Rights Violations, 321 Requests 4 Photos International News: AFPBB News

Tokyo Metropolitan Government New Corona Alert Level Reduction Request to Shorten Business Ends on 15th | New Corona Virus | NHK News

Suspected welfare fraud 10 million yen right wing representative arrested Metropolitan Police Department --Mainichi Shimbun

Ichiro Ozawa 'I can beat the Liberal Democratic Party even in the immediate election' Challenge the third change of government (1/3) <Weekly Asahi> | AERA dot.

Former MIC bureaucrat who was 'relegated' in opinion to Secretary of State Suga accused his real name 'I think it is leadership to suppress officials' (1/5) <Weekly Asahi> | AERA dot.

Japan Pension Service, unpaid 600 million yen in FY19, due to paperwork mistake

Criticism of Chinese security authorities and other government agencies for Disney movie production | NHK News

Mr. Honjo of the Nobel Prize Taxes on patent royalties refused to receive National Tax Bureau | NHK News

New confluence party elects Mr. Edano as representative Party name is 'Constitutional Democratic Party': Asahi Shimbun Digital

Happy Science Academy withdraws application for university establishment approval: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Mr. Suga's appeal 'Insurance coverage for infertility treatment', invisible concrete measures: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Norwegian nominated by Mr. Trump for Nobel Peace Prize: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Mr. Trump delights in being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 3 photos International News: AFPBB News

More than 160 human rights groups ask IOC to reconsider hosting the Beijing Winter Olympics | Reuters

What the Abe administration left behind: 'everything fails' at the end of the term Reasons for the failure of the Abe administration's education policy, which Mr. Terawaki thinks-Mainichi Shimbun

◆Lifestyle (life, life, health)

CNN.co.jp: New Corona is a priest who says 'God punishment' for same-sex marriage, positive in test Ukraine

[Mask refusal on board] This is a good opportunity, so I would like everyone to know-The logbook of First Officer Anzai

CNN.co.jp: The creator of 'Treasure Hunt in the Rocky Mountains' dies, 90 years old US

It is said that uniforms can protect children from poverty problems, but is that true? '100,000 is hard to wear for 3 years without guarantee' 'I wish I could choose' --Togetter

A 14-minute line 'Yamaman Yukarigaoka Line' A record of a person who took 20 hours from the first train to the last train with an unlimited ride ticket and finally received a letter of appreciation from employees # Yamaman 20 hours endurance --Togetter

◆IT/gadgets (net, software, hardware, mobile)
Amazon Japan to refund a total of 2 billion yen to 1400 business partners: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Why is Mega Bank Mitsubishi UFJ, which is the only one that does not work with doCoMo accounts? 'Banks that don't even allow PayPay charges' --Togetter

Press Release: Strengthening Measures for New Bank Account Registration to DoCoMo Account | Notice | NTT DoCoMo

'DOCOMO account' Similar fraudulent withdrawal in May last year | IT / Internet | NHK News

To suspend new registration of 'docomo account' | IT / Net | NHK News

Unauthorized withdrawal of 'docomo account', couldn't the same lesson be applied to Resona Bank in May last year? --Mainichi Shimbun

DoCoMo talks with bank for full compensation | Kyodo News

'How to make an illustration that understands the structure of business' Full text released | Illustrated Research Institute | note

Approximately 10 million yen including damage to 'docomo account' to discuss compensation | IT / Net | NHK News

Japan Meteorological Agency, which plans to place ads on its website, proposes to use ad blocking for commercial broadcasters | Srad

Financial Services Agency orders NTT DoCoMo to report | Kyodo News

Financial Services Agency NTT DoCoMo 'report request order' due to illegal deposit withdrawal problem | IT / Net | NHK News

'Pull Requests from Israel Not Accepted' -Open Source Contributions and International Conflicts-Akimoto @ Cybozu Lab Programmer Blog

Malware Analysis Tutorial [How to Start Malware Analysis] | Research | Mitsui Bussan Secure Direction Co., Ltd.

◆ Anime/Game/Manga (Subcal)
The official website of the movie 'Listen to Ai's Singing Voice Sing a Bit of Harmony'

Anime 'Sound! Euphonium ”Official Site 5th Anniversary Kitauji Quartet Cast Interview Relay! -Kumiko Komae, Tomoyo Kurosawa-

[Akiaka] Apple Pie Princess [2D Petit Rich] --Nico Nico Douga

Akari Tsujino Voice Implementation Commemorative Parody [Goodbye Mankind / Tama] --Nico Nico Douga

[Same day 11] R / T / A to let Akari sing the song of eating buns --Nico Nico Douga

Gon Gon Go [Akari Tsujino] --Nico Nico Douga

Movie 'Listen to Ai's Singing Voice' Special Report ① Original feature-length animation directed by Yasuhiro Yoshiura

OUTRIDERS Announcement trailer to be released in Japan

'Momotaro Dentetsu-Showa Heisei Reiwa is also a staple!-' Online match first public release!

Otaku Best Ten Appearing in the Idol Game 'Shanimas' | Yu Shinada (Da Vinci Osorezan) | note

What I did, what I couldn't do, and what I had to do as a sponsor of a small doujinshi convention in the midst of the corona wreck 5 |

I want you to know the battle between 'Kimio Alive' and Corona | Tatsunori Tokushige (Writer) | note

Inappropriate comments by our directors at PERACON 2020 | SmileBoom

The commentary of the author of 'VR Uncle's First Love' is amazing --Togetter

[Event Report] Hatsune Miku Official Near Future VR Amusement Park 'MIKU LAND GATE β' where you can meet Hatsune Miku from home for 3 days only-A lot of attractions and collaboration goods that fans must see! ~ | VirtualCast Blog

◆Sports/Entertainment/Music/Movies (Entertainment)
Congenitally high male hormone levels No problem with entry restrictions for track and field girls | Track and field marathon | NHK News

NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen to hold the first unattended audience in history | Kyodo News

Implementation method for maximizing performance by using loading attribute and JavaScript for lazy loading of images | Corris

Wi-Fi router like a crab half body If you replace it with ASUS RT-AX3000, your home Wi-Fi will be faster and you will be very satisfied --I AM A DOG

Academy Awards Diversity for new selection criteria for Best Picture | LGBT | NHK News

About M-1 Grand Prix 2020 | PEKOPA Official Blog Powered by Ameba

Finally, Susumu Hirasawa holding a chainsaw, the significance of the final performance of 'Meeting TREK' and 'the ability to read the future' | Rolling Stone Japan

[Sad news] Orix Buffaloes, debt 21wxwxwxwxwxwxwxwxwxwxwxwxwx: Nanjii Stadium @ What J Summary

86: No name if the wind blows 2020/09/09 (Wednesday) 23: 37: 25.80 ID: 3gdtS5FI0
Masuda 22S

Orix 22 wins

I've raised it

165: No name if the wind blows 2020/09/09 (Wednesday) 23: 41: 38.47 ID: Nb + bQLBnd
>> 86
Souta Fujii double crown
Number of wins in 2020

23 wins

[Hanshin] Hanshin's reversal victory conditions wxywxywxywxywxywxywxywxywxywxywxywxywxywxywxywxy: Nanjii Stadium @ What J Summary

'I'm looking at Souta Fujii with excitement.' Makoto Nakahara, 55 years old, talked about the correlation between age and shogi power --Shogi --Number Web --Number

◆New products (clothing, food, housing)
What's New | Notice of Introduction of Dashi Service | Yayoiken

What's New | 'Pacific saury grilled with salt and stir-fried beef set meal' New release for a limited time on Thursday, September 17! | Yayoiken

Tenkaippin, 'Miso Ramen' will be on sale from September 21st | Press release of Tenkaippin Foods Co., Ltd.

MUJI Announcement of Start of Sales of Sweets by Weight | Press Release of MUJI Planning Co., Ltd.

(PDF file) Feeling like drinking the mellow taste of Muscat! 'Coolish Muscat' from the 'Coolish' brand of 'drinking ice cream'

(PDF file) Limited collaboration between 'Potato Chips Happy Butter' and 'Pai no Mi'! 'Big pie fruit [happy flutter]'

(PDF file) The retro chocolate released in 1965 is back in a modern version! 'Natty' will be released nationwide from September 15, 2020 (Tuesday)

Enjoy a luxurious autumn night at 'Veranda Moon Viewing'. 'The Tsukimi' September 14th (Monday) Limited release for 3 weeks ~ This year's first appearance 'Teri Chiki Egg' & last year's popular 'Creamy Egg & Bacon' ~ | Press release of Domino's Pizza Japan Co., Ltd.

Autumn crab menu is now available in Bamiyan! The number of stores selling 'frozen raw dumplings' limited to take-out has expanded to 211 stores | Press release of Skylark Holdings Co., Ltd.

In the autumn of taste, we will deliver a new taste of 'Yuzu x Shichimi'! 'Scented Yuzu Shichimi Chicken' New release on September 16th (Wednesday) -Boneless chicken with crispy clothes that spreads the refreshing flavor of yuzu in spiciness-

'Morinaga Milk Pudding' will be renewed from September 29th (Tuesday)! 'Morinaga Coffee Milk Pudding' 'Morinaga Milk Pudding that you can drink plenty' will be released nationwide from September 29th (Tuesday)! | News Releases | Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.

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