'Hateful child is stupid' is a lie research result

The powers that many people of personality that would think with the 'unpleasant I wish guy', 'of saying more of the hated person rather become a successful person

Habakaru to bad boy world will exist until'. However, a research team at the University of California, Berkeley confirmed that 'the bad guys aren't early in life '.

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There is also a theory in the West that 'aggressive and selfish personality helps to gain power,' similar to 'riding the hated childhood.' This theory has been the subject of debate for a long time, and has become a topic not only for experts but also for the general public.

Although it is a psychopath, it is found to be non-criminal and even socially successful-GIGAZINE

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The University of California, Berkeley research team investigated 'social success rates by personality' to find out the question, 'Is the nasty guy really empowering?' The total number of undergraduate and MBA students studied is approximately 670. First of all, each subject is asked by a personality diagnosis in the form of a questionnaire, 'openness', which is the degree of preference for novel things such as intellectual curiosity and creativity, called ' Big Five ', 'hard work' which is the degree of self-control ability, Five personality traits: 'extroversion', which is the degree of preference for socializing with others, 'coordination' which is the degree of compassion and supportiveness, and 'neuropathic tendency', which is the susceptibility to psychological stress. Was measured. In a follow-up survey conducted approximately 14 years after this personality trait, 'social success' was measured based on the ranking order, the number of subordinates, and the influence that can be exercised on others in a company.

The research team defined the 'unpleasant guy' as 'a person who fights against others, is cold, insensitive and selfish' and investigated whether the unpleasant guy actually gained social success, 'The bad guys aren't getting more power than those who are generous and trustworthy,' he said.

This result does not mean that the unpleasant guy can't succeed, but does not mean that the unpleasant personality does not contribute to the success of the career, and that the unpleasant guy has the same rate of success as a good person. I will. The research team, wondering why such a result would occur, conducted an additional survey of 'ask the subject's colleagues about the subject's work'. According to this additional survey, 'the unpleasant guy is good at political efforts to gain power, but because of poor coordination with others and narrowness to colleagues, it is a plus or minus zero as a result' Did.

According to this research, it is only the characteristic of 'extroversion' that affects the success of life. The results were consistent regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, culture, company field or corporate culture in which the subjects worked, and the research team wrote, 'I was surprised by the consistency of the results.' I will.

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