'Insect protection law plan' announced in Germany, attempt to protect insects by prohibiting strong lighting at night

In August 2020, the German Ministry of the Environment announced a bill that included a ban on some night lighting and restrictions on the installation of street lights and bright advertising signs. The bill, which aims to make a cabinet decision in October, includes considerations for plants and animals other than insects, and restrictions on the use of pesticides.

Insektenschutz: So will die Regierung gegen Insektensterben vorgehen

Germany plans to dim lights at night to save insects

Germany To Ban Floodlights to save insects-Outlook Traveler

According to a study published in 2019, insects collected by research traps in the German countryside have fallen by 76% over the past 30 years. German researchers have concluded that 'insects are at risk of extinction,' as not only the numbers but also the types are declining dramatically.

``Insects are in danger of extinction'' revealed from data of long-term survey of amateur group-GIGAZINE

It is said that there are various factors behind the dramatic decrease in insects, and one of them is 'light pollution'. According to a 2019 study investigating the effects of artificial light used at night on insects, nocturnal insects such as moths and ephemera misidentify the source of artificial light as the water surface reflected by the moon or moonlight. However, they are likely to die from flying fatigue and accidentally lay eggs in places where eggs cannot hatch.

``Artificial light kills a lot of insects,'' scientists point out-GIGAZINE

In response to the insect crisis and growing demand for environmental protection, the German government announced the Aktions programm Insektenschutz (Insect Protection Action Plan) in September 2019 to protect domestic insects. I showed the policy. Then, in August 2020, Minister of Environment Svenja Schulze will use nighttime use of powerful lighting such as searchlights as part of the insect protection action plan from February 1st to May 30th and July 15th to December 15th. We have issued a bill that stipulates prohibition during the period.

In addition to restrictions on the use of searchlights, this bill also states that 'when installing new outdoor lighting such as street lights and illuminations, you must consider plants and animals as much as possible.' And prohibiting the use of herbicides and insecticides within 5-10 meters of major water sources. The Ministry of the Environment is planning to make a cabinet decision on this bill by October 2020 and compile it as a government policy, and officially announce it by the end of 2022 at the latest.

The German government also noted that in September 2019 when it first announced the insect protection action plan, it ``bans glyphosate pesticides'', but this draft goes deep into this point. It wasn't. Glyphosate, which is known as an ingredient of the herbicide ' Roundup ', is widely used in agriculture around the world due to its high efficacy and ease of use, but its environmental impact is often the subject of debate.

Deutscher Naturschutzring, a German environmental protection organization, told the Minister of Food and Agriculture, Julia Kleckner , 'The ban on glyphosate is a 'homework' for the future.' I applied for.

Meanwhile, Federal Secretary-General Bernhard Krüsken of the German Federation of Farmers has complained about the ban on the use of pesticides, saying 'The draft of the Ministry of the Environment is beyond the scope of insect protection.' It is expected to be difficult to steer with promotion.

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