Only one model supports the fastest millimeter wave 5G communication in iPhone 12

It is said that all iPhones that will appear in 2020 will support 5G, but it is reported that only the top model among them, ' iPhone 12 Pro Max, ' may support 5G communication with high-speed millimeter waves. It is being done.

Source: Only the iPhone 12 'Pro Max' will support the faster millimete

Report: iPhone 12 with fastest 5G limited to 1 model in 3 countries-9to5Mac

There are two 5G frequency bands that are the next-generation mobile communication standard: 'Sub6', which uses a relatively low frequency band below 6 GHz, and 'millimeter wave', which uses the 30 to 300 GHz band. 'Sub6' can be used as an extension of the existing 4G frequency, but is said to be slower than 'millimeter wave'.

Fast Company reports that the only iPhone 12 that supports 5G communication at this millimeter wave will be the iPhone 12 Pro Max. According to a person who provided information to Fast Company, all models of iPhone 12 support 5G communication at Sub6, but only iPhone 12 Pro Max also supports 5G communication at millimeter wave.

According to sources, it is necessary not only to adopt a special antenna design to support 5G communication in millimeter waves, but also to cope with significant power consumption. Therefore, it seems that only the iPhone 12 Pro Max with a larger battery than other models was judged to be able to withstand 5G communication at millimeter waves. Also, iPhone 12 Pro Max that supports 5G communication with millimeter waves seems to be the only one sold in the United States, Korea, and Japan.

Fast Company wrote, 'If 5G communication in Sub 6 is Camry , 5G communication in millimeter wave is Mercedes-Benz S class ', and expectation for 5G communication in millimeter wave that can achieve download speeds of up to 1 Gbps or more I am. However, 5G communication with millimeter waves has a problem in transmitting objects such as buildings, and depending on the carrier, it may be a more expensive service than 5G communication with Sub6.

On the other hand, 5G communication with Sub6 that uses the existing 4G frequency has a problem that the communication speed is close to 4G communication. In the benchmark test of the 5G network published by mobile analysis company Opensignal, the average download speed of 5G communication in the United States is 50.9 Mbps, but the average download speed of 5G service using Verizon's millimeter wave is 494.7 Mbps, which is extremely high. Is fast. In addition, Fast Company points out that the speed of 5G communication is slowing because mobile carrier companies in the United States provide more 5G communication services with Sub 6 than millimeter waves.

Benchmark result comparing 5G communication speed by country released-GIGAZINE

According to the reports so far, Apple has four models of iPhone 12 and its large screen version iPhone 12 Max, and iPhone 12 Pro equipped with a higher performance camera and its large screen version iPhone 12 Pro Max. It seems to be released.

In addition, a person who provided information to the Fast Company said that in the spring of 2021, Apple may add a new low-cost 5G non-compliant model to the iPhone 12.

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