Headline news on August 28, 2020

A documentary movie ' Welcome to the world of sound and sound ' containing the history of 100 years of Hollywood sound has been released today from August 28, 2020 (Friday). It is said that the sound of the movie is made not only by “technology” but also by “circle of talent”, and the behind-the-scenes talks a lot about movie love.

Welcome to the World of Movie Sounds Trailer-YouTube

[Special feature video] Top gun/movie 'Welcome to the world of movie sound'-YouTube

By the way, the same article was published on the same day of the past month.

The reason why Indonesia moves the capital is the subsidence of up to 4 meters-GIGAZINE

Helsinki central library ``Oodi'' selected as the world's best library, too high level for games and 3D printing-GIGAZINE

Researchers find out the cause of shortening the life of lithium metal batteries-GIGAZINE

It turns out that the more you lie, the more you become ``liar''-GIGAZINE

Beaches are prohibited from swimming because ``dolphins are sexually appealing''-GIGAZINE

Attempts to conserve coral reefs by creating ``artificial corals'' with 3D printers are ongoing-GIGAZINE

What do children learn in the Netherlands, where sex education begins at the age of four? -GIGAZINE

The largest road construction project in Norway's history through tunnels and bridges through the fjord-GIGAZINE

Succeeded to reproduce on the earth the ``diamond rain'' that falls on Uranus and Neptune-GIGAZINE

What is the 'Black Hole Information Paradox' that plagues physicists around the world? -GIGAZINE

How to get a ``hunting license'' that passes the hunter's test and can hunt with guns and traps-GIGAZINE

I tried two kinds of ``Kona Red'' which was a Hawaiian super fruit ``Coffee Berry'' drink-GIGAZINE

I went to ``Cafe Y'' in Osaka where you can eat a lot of morning mornings-GIGAZINE

◆ Material (memo, various other)

◆Science (Science/Academic/Technology)
Nishinoshima, may it disappear? Signs of change in eruption method: Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆Society, politics, economy (incidents, world news, business)
Prime Minister Abe's intention to resign is due to worsening of chronic illness | Prime Minister Abe to resign | NHK News

The Fukuoka Legal Affairs Bureau recognizes hate speech on a street speech by a former chairman of the 'Special Society'|[Nishi-Nippon Shimbun News]

While the children and students of the Kyushu Korean middle and high school, which is adjacent to the elementary school, attended the school, it was said that 'it is natural that you are supposed to leave Japan' and 'Korean people are dangerous'.

Large amount of Abeno mask reaches over 9,000 in Kyoto City. There are also problems in usage | Main | Local news | Kyoto Shimbun

Suspected killing ex-dating woman with iron nunchaku |Kyodo News

◆Lifestyle (life, life, health)

◆IT/gadgets (net, software, hardware, mobile)
I held a house fireworks festival for my daughter using programming and a projector-karaage. [Karaage]

Impression that I tried OSS engineer for 1 year-knqyf263's blog

The true nature of demons that mess up the net Limits of 'summary craftsmen' and rapid growth of 'note'

Mr. Fumiko Kojimachi's article is deleted from President Online

◆ Anime/Game/Manga (Subcal)
'Machi Kadomazoku' TV animation second stage production decision announcement PV

Ranobe Shock Title Championship 10 characters or less

I wrote about the reason why the creative coterie event committee is absolutely necessary in Japan now | 13 March @ Asamu Nakamura | note


'Saga' series 30th anniversary! The initial 3 works including 'Makai Toushi Sa Ga' will be reborn as 'Sa Ga COLLECTION' on Nintendo Switch!

Thomas the Movie Tankan ♪ Let's sing together ♪ 'Who is Kietakikansha?' Video with lyrics-YouTube

Morinokuni's food-Nico Nico Douga

Tesagure! Tarungo OP 'Stango Up!!!!'-Nico Nico Douga

Apple cider

Lullaby of jagged apple-Nico Nico Douga

◆Sports/Entertainment/Music/Movies (Entertainment)
Korean drama ``38 teacher riot police'' is changed to the Japanese title ``ex-boyfriend is a genius swindler ❤️'' and Ma Dong Suk disappears from the visual-Togetter

'Brave ah ah' is an unusual promotion for broadcasting slots. The story behind the reorganization of Alpies and staff-QJWeb Quick Japan Web

◆New products (clothing, food, housing)
Limited-time product Tiki Tiki Bone® Addictive garlic flavor New release on Tuesday, September 1 | Nippon Ham

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