A font that looks like a distorted world that can be used for free and for commercial use

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flop design san, has released personal use, commercial use fonts 'IyoAkira' and free 'Iyogo'. The alien world, alien world, is a font that reproduces the expression that the world is distorted when warping into another world, and it looks like it fits in a stylish design that tickles the heart. I will.

'Iseyomei' is a font in which the kanji is Mincho and the other characters are Gothic. 'Isogo', which can be downloaded together, is a font with Kanji in Gothic and other characters in Mincho.

Yousei and Iyogo can be downloaded for free from the following pages.

Ichimei / Iyogo (Free Fonts)-FLOP DESIGN-BOOTH

To download Ikumei and Ikugo, access the above URL and click 'Free Download'.

Ikumei and Ikugo are distributed on BOOTH , so you need to use your pixiv ID to download them. To start from creating a pixiv ID this time, click 'Create a pixiv ID and log in.'

Enter your e-mail address and password and click 'Next'.

Enter your nickname, gender and birthday from the top, click reCAPTCHA , check if you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy, and click 'Create account'.

After completing the account creation, return to the distribution page, click 'Free Download', and click 'OK'.

The font can be downloaded in ZIP format, so decompress it using

Explzh etc.

After decompressing, there are two OpenType fonts 'Isego' and 'Isemin' in the folder. Select it and click 'Install' in the right-click menu to use it.

The following is an example of using Ikumei.

When I write GIGAZINE in katakana, hiragana, and alphabet in different generations and different generations, it looks like this.

In addition, Ikumei and Ikugo comply with version 1.1 of the open source license and SIL Open Font License .

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