'Firefox 80' official version released, at the same time Firefox for Android has been significantly updated

The official version of the web browser ' Firefox 80 ' has been released. Various functions such as screen reader were enhanced, and just like the desktop version was renewed as 'Firefox Quantum', this time the Android version was updated as ' Firefox Daylight ', enhanced tracking protection, new UI, add-on Recommended system of is installed.

Firefox 80.0, See All New Features, Updates and Fixes


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◆Firefox Daylight released
Firefox for Android has been greatly updated as 'Firefox Daylight'. Many elements that were only available in the desktop version, such as the dark mode and picture-in-picture function, have been added. You can download Firefox for Android from Google Play.

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The changes in Firefox 80 are as follows.

◆ Review motion settings
Animations such as tab loading no longer play when the motion reduction setting is turned on. Motion reduction settings can be made in Windows by selecting 'Settings' → 'Easy operation' → 'Display' → 'Display animation on Windows'.

◆Screen readers are easier to use and evolve
A screen reader is screen reading software that enables people with visual impairments to use a PC. Firefox 80 improves reading of tree-structured menus, makes SVG labels and descriptions now properly accessible, and fixes a frequent Firefox crash while using

JAWS . Also, in the developer tools, the range accessible by screen readers has expanded.

◆ Firefox can be set as the system default PDF viewer

◆Changes for developers
Added ':block' and ':unblock' commands to the console to block and unblock network requests
-When adding a class name to an element from the inspector, the existing class name will be auto-completed.

-The stack trace can be checked when stopping with 'Stop on Exception' of the debugger.

-The turtle mark will be displayed on the request that the response from the server was late in the network monitor.

-Support for 'export * as namespace' notation of ECMAScript2021
-Changed to be able to display in full screen even if there is no allowfullscreen element if there is fullscreen in Feature-Policy header of iframe.

-Media Session API newly supports two actions, ' seekto ' and ' skipad '.

Firefox 80 also includes a number of security fixes .

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