It is talked about that the President of Brazil uses 'BGM of Mario and Sonic' for super serious movies

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Brazil's President Jail Bolsonaro has released a movie on Twitter to report the progress of the infrastructure development project in the country. This movie is extremely serious, but it is a topic that ' Mario and Sonic BGM ' are used.

Brazil's Propaganda Is Using Sonic The Hedgehog Music Again

On August 25, 2020, President Bolsonaro posted five movies on the status of infrastructure development projects in Brazil on his official Twitter account. The third movie is a report that the restoration work of the highway ' BR-116 ' connecting Fortaleza in Ceara and Jaguaran in Rio Grande do Sul is proceeding at a rapid pace.

The content is extremely serious, but the BGM used in this movie is a ground stage BGM that flows immediately when you play Super Mario Bros. of the family computer.

Ground Theme-Super Mario Bros. [Original] | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate-YouTube

The fourth one is a movie about the progress of the bridge construction on the river located between Amazonas and Para State ...

This BGM is the BGM of the 'Green Hill Zone', which is the first stage of the first Sonic the Hedgehog released in 1991.

Sonic-Green Hill Zone Extended (10 Hours)-YouTube

The first movie is a report that the main runway at Congonhas Airport in Sao Paulo is being repaired as scheduled.

BGM, which are used in this movie, whether such that the aircraft leads, ' Top Gun has been used is the main theme of' 'Top Gun Anthem'.


The second movie is a report on the construction status of the BR-381 highway that connects Sao Mateus, State of Espirito Santo and Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo .

This BGM is the main theme of one of Sega's 80's works, ' Alex Kid's Miracle World .'

OST: Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Main Theme-YouTube

It's unclear why President Bolsonaro used the game BGM for a solid movie. However, President Bolsonaro has been talking about posting a movie using Sonic's BGM in 2019. The movie is below.

This BGM is the BGM for the 2006 version of Sonic the Hedgehog 's Ras Boss.

Boss-Solaris Phase 2 (His World) (from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006))-YouTube

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