``Akagi eating ranch grape'' tasting review that you can enjoy sweet and sour grapes and concentrated milk ice cream at the same time

From FamilyMart's limited “

eat ranch ” series where you can taste mellow and rich milk ice, “ Akagi eating ranch grape ” using King of grapes, Kyoho , has appeared on Tuesday, August 25, 2020. I enjoyed the taste of autumn and the rich gelato of Kyoho early in the hot summer.

Akagi ate ranch grape |Product Information|Family Mart

Go to Family Mart in search of 'Akagi Eating Ranch Grape'.

I bought it and came back.

There are three different designs of the lid part of the ranch grape to eat, but the contents are all the same.

When comparing the size with a transportation IC card, it looks like this.

The ingredients were listed separately for milk ice and grape gelato. The raw material of milk ice is upper, milk, dairy products, sugar, etc. The ingredients of grape gelato are written in the lower row, and contain grape juice, sugar, starch syrup, konjac processed products, etc.

About 31% of grape juice is contained, and the calorie is 169 kcal per piece.

Looking at the cup from the side, the grape gelato accounted for more than half.

When you open the lid, it looks like this.

When I tried it, both milk ice cream and grape gelato had a smooth texture. The mellow sweetness of milk and the sweet and sour taste of grapes spread in your mouth, and both have a rich taste.

Eating just the gelato of grapes, the scent of the grapes and the refreshing sourness of the grapes stand out. With ice cream to make the acidity mellow, or to taste the flavor of grapes with gelato alone, it was an ice cream that you could enjoy twice.

You can purchase 'Akagi ateru ranch grape' at Family Mart nationwide except some stores, and the price is 208 yen including tax.

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