What are the 'merits of masturbating' backed by science?

The science news site ZME Science summarizes the various benefits that masturbation brings to the mind and body, as revealed by research and experiments published as papers.

Your brain on masturbation


In addition to the existence of 'NoFap ', which is a self-help group gathering aimed at quitting masturbation overseas, discourses such as 'If you ban ona (prohibition of masturbation) are popular' in Japan, the discourse is true. Has been done. However, ZME Science science journalist Tibi Puiu said, 'Masturbation has many physical and psychological benefits backed by science.'

Therefore, Mr. Puiu summarized the effects of masturbation proved by the papers published so far and the mistakes of the myth about masturbation in the following seven points.

◆ Advantage 1: Promotes the release of hormones that enhance mood
The masturbating human body releases multiple hormones, one of which is dopamine . Dopamine is also known as the 'happiness hormone' because it is involved in feelings of pleasure and motivation.

In addition, hormones such as endorphin , testosterone , and prolactin can be expected to reduce stress and improve immune function.

However, there are still many unknown aspects about the function of hormones that are said to 'enhance mood' as described above. Heather Armstrong, a psychologist at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom, told ZME Science, 'Science still can't answer the hormone problem clearly. Even if it looks like the same kind of hormone is being released. It's difficult to find out if they're always released in the same amount, proportion, and by the same mechanism, regardless of the method leading up to orgasm. ' He said it was unclear if it was similar.

◆ Advantage 2: You can relieve stress and relax
Oxytocin, which is secreted during sex, is sometimes called a 'romance hormone' because it strengthens the bond between the two, but it is also secreted by masturbation. A 2015 study on oxytocin found that increased oxytocin suppressed the secretion of the stress-related hormone cortisol , leading to relaxation.

◆ Advantage 3: You can fall asleep smoothly
Some people say, 'If you masturbate before going to bed, it's better to fall asleep.' In fact, oxytocin, serotonin , and norepinephrine secreted by masturbation are closely related to stress reduction and relaxation, so they also have the advantage of making it easier to fall asleep.

◆ Advantage 4: May improve immune function
It was announced a little old and the 1975 paper you, but, by this study, which focused on the action of serotonin and norepinephrine, these two hormones is REM sleep and non-REM sleep has been found to be involved in the regulation of. In the process, a protein called cytokine, which plays an important role in inflammatory action and immune function, is also released, so Puiu concludes that 'masturbation may improve immune function.'

◆ Advantage 5: Prevents or relieves pain
According to a study published in 2013, one-third of patients suffer from migraine headaches that cause throbbing around the temples and cluster headaches that are sometimes described as 'severe pain in the back of the eyes.' , Reported that sex relieves headaches. Some patients suffering from chronic headaches say they have sex as a type of headache treatment. From this, Puiu points out that masturbation, which allows you to experience orgasm as well as sex, has a pain-relieving effect.

Stephen Ebers, a neurologist and headache expert at the University of Westfahren-Wilhelm in Germany, said of the findings: 'We don't know why sex relieves headaches, but endorphins, a natural painkiller, It can be painful. '

◆ Advantage 6: Masturbation leads to the enhancement of sex and romantic relationships, especially for women.
According to a 2017 study , 95% of all men are able to experience orgasm during sex, regardless of whether they are masturbating on a regular basis. On the other hand, in a 2014 study , 35% of women who experience orgasm during sex regularly masturbate, while only 9% of women who do not masturbate but get orgasm through sex. It turns out that it is nothing more than.

From this, Puiu believes that masturbation by women is more likely to reach orgasm and enhances the relationship between men and women. However, according to a study published by Armstrong in July 2020, some women think that 'when a woman masturbates, she seems to be dissatisfied with the man or is perceived as an insult.' Many women endure masturbation and refrain from using sex toys during sex because many people do.

Regarding the results of this study, Armstrong said, 'There is disagreement among scientists as to whether there is a significant difference in the brains of men and women. Also, due to the influence of society, culture, individual thinking, etc., masturbation There is also a great deal of difference between men and women in their awareness of this, so it would be nearly impossible to determine whether these differences are due to 'biological differences in the brain.'

Regarding female masturbation, Puiu said from a male standpoint, 'Maybe it's a bad idea, but in general, females masturbate faster and easier than sex, but masturbation is male and female. You don't have to feel bad about masturbation just because it helps both, because it's easier to climax. '

◆ False myth: Masturbation is associated with mental illness such as depression
In Western society, where masturbation has long been tabooed due to the influence of religion, there are many people who believe that masturbation leads to depression and who feel guilty about masturbation.

In fact, a 2018 study focusing on the relationship between depression and sexual dysfunction in men confirms that 'a group of men diagnosed with depression is prevalent with false myths about masturbation.' I am.

'There is no evidence that masturbation induces or amplifies the symptoms of depression,' Puiu said of these myths. Rather, thanks to the mood-improving hormones secreted by masturbation. Depression should be relieved. '

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