'I will not issue an order to restore Fort Knight's store, but I want to save the Unreal Engine,' the judge said

In a court battle between Epic Games and Apple, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers said, ``We are not going to tell Apple to revive Fort Knight who left a payment method that does not go through the App Store'', while saying about Unreal Engine Found that he gave an opinion to consider some remedy.

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Judge Rogers said Epic Games was suing Apple for removing Fortnite, which violated terms by providing a means to avoid mandatory in-app purchases in the App Store. I questioned the alleged 'irreparable damage.' Specifically, the judge told Epic Games's lawyer Catherine Forest that 'your client created this situation.'

Judge Rogers, meanwhile, said that the measures Apple blocked until the Unreal Engine were 'retrievable.'

In the judge's view, Apple's lawyer Richard Doren said, 'It's Apple's practice to suspend all related accounts for those who are in breach of contract. It is a measure to avoid being cheated. We are concerned that the misconduct will be transferred to other Epic Games entities.'

It turns out that Apple was only making a half-price contract with Amazon for the 30% App Store fee that triggered the dispute.

by Henk-Jan van der Klis

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