How has the new coronavirus changed people's lifestyle and mental health?

Due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus, urban blockade and the shift to remote work were carried out, and people's lives changed significantly. Studies conducted in Australia have revealed various changes that pandemics have made in their lifestyle, such as the amount of physical activity, alcohol consumption, and time spent reading and cooking.

IJERPH | Free Full-Text | Depression, Anxiety and Stress during COVID-19: Associations with Changes in Physical Activity, Sleep, Tobacco and Alcohol Use in Australian Adults

Changes in exercise, sleep, smoking, and alcohol habits linked to mental health decline during COVID-19 pandemic

In Australia, urban blockades have banned public gatherings, meeting multiple people from different households, and closing many schools. So

, the University of Central Queensland research team thought that ``I think that the combination of urban blockade and increased stress may have reduced healthy behavior of people and increased harmful behavior to health''. ..

Is the author of the paper Robert Stanton said, 'As a research team we are healthy behavior and mental health, changes in the health-related behaviors in Australian adults, depression and anxiety, or stress how related to the I was very interested in understanding.'

The research team conducted an online survey of adult Australians to investigate the effects of the pandemic of the new coronavirus on people. The questionnaire was conducted from April 9th to April 19th, 2020 when the urban blockade was implemented in Australia, and a total of 1491 people answered. The questionnaire asked about changes in physical activity, sleep habits, alcohol intake, smoking habits, etc. after the pandemic, and the degree of depression, anxiety, and stress felt.

As a result of the questionnaire, 49% of the respondents reported that 'physical activity decreased after the pandemic occurred' and 41% answered that 'the quality of sleep deteriorated.' In addition, 27% said they were 'increasing their alcohol consumption during a pandemic,' said the research team. 'This report suggests that approximately 30% of adults will take more Suggests that you are drinking.” It was also found that nearly half of people with smoking habits smoke more during a pandemic.

A particularly important finding found in this study is: ``People who experience adverse changes in physical activity, sleep, drinking, smoking, etc. may experience worse mental health, such as depression, anxiety, and stress symptoms. The research team pointed out. As the number of bad health behaviors such as smoking and drinking increased, the mental health tended to worsen.Therefore, adopting more healthy behaviors or refraining from bad health behaviors can reduce psychological distress during a pandemic. It may be suppressed.

The research team acknowledges that this questionnaire is self-reported, and that it is a cross-sectional survey, so a causal relationship cannot be identified. Nonetheless, the results of this study suggest that the pandemic may have adverse physical and psychological effects on people, and continued research is needed, the team said.

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