A deep fake video that makes Harrison Ford say 'I know' in a young solo appearance

Using the image synthesis technology 'Deep Fake', Han Solo in the original 'Star Wars' series, the young Han solo played by Alden Airenlike in the movie '

Han Solo/Star Wars Story ' The video replaced by Harrison Ford who played. The same kind was produced in 2018, but this image has a bright scene, and the impression is that the composition accuracy is higher.

Harrison Ford in Solo: A Star Wars Story [DeepFake]-YouTube

Mr. Shamook produced it, and the video is roughly divided into three scenes. At the beginning, the scene where the solo surrounds the fire with mentor Beckett (act: Woody Harrelson) and Chewbacca.

Of course, Chewbacca hasn't changed.

The face dimly lit by the flame is Han Solo, which is completely played by Harrison Ford.

The second scene is a scene where three people, Beckett, Solo and Chewbacca, are in the snowfield after the train robbery.

Here is a comparison video of Alden Airenlike and Harrison Ford side by side. Although Harrison Ford's facial expression does not seem strange at all, hairstyle etc. may be a little strange.

And finally, Han Solo and Land Karlisian (act: Donald Glover) in front of the Millennium Falcon.

Land's 'I hate you.' word, 'I know,' and Han solo returns with a line familiar to the series. The face is too fit and I want to see what replaced Rand with Billy Dee Williams who played the original series.

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