The sourness of black vinegar & the appetizing scent of garlic and leeks goes well with fried I tried a pine nut and 'oil goat chicken set meal' perfect for hot summer

Matsunoya Yori, which offers a set menu centering on pork cutlet, has a special fried chicken thigh fried with a lot of flavored vegetables, and the ` ` oil goat chicken set meal '' has been available since Wednesday, August 12, 2020. I will. It is said that the stamina perfect menu is perfect for hot summer, so I actually ate it and tried it.

Oil goat chicken set meal on sale! |Matsunoya|Matsuya Foods

Arrived at Matsunoya.

At the store, the Yakitori chicken set meal was appealing. The oil-boiled chicken set meal is 750 yen including tax for both eating and drinking in the store, but if you want to eat miso soup when you take it home, you need to order it for 80 yen including tax separately. In commemoration of the launch of the Abyssal chicken set meal, a service is available in which a large serving of rice is free if you order the Abyssal chicken set meal by 15:00 on Wednesday, August 19, 2020.

It looks like this when you order the oil-goat chicken set meal (750 yen including tax) and miso soup (80 yen including tax) to take home.

The oil simmering chicken and rice are separately contained in a two-tiered case, and the oil simmering chicken is placed in the upper case. Open the lid to spread the appetizing scent of the special sauce.

Carrot dressing is attached to the shredded cabbage...

Miso soup is in a special cup.

Since it is not bland in the cup, I moved the oil simmered chicken and cabbage to a plate and served.

If you arrange a cup of rice and miso soup together, you can feel that it is a pretty volumey set meal.

The oil-boiled chicken batter has a crispy texture over time, and is infused with a special sauce based on black vinegar.

The sourness of black vinegar and the special sauce of garlic and leeks are perfect for deep-fried chicken thighs, and they reach out to the next deep-fried chicken.

It is OK to eat cabbage as it is to make the inside of the mouth refreshed after eating the oil goby chicken...

You can also change the taste by using the attached carrot dressing.

Appetite is aroused and rice goes on.

If you squeeze lemon on oil-grilled chicken, it will have a refreshing taste, and it will be a set meal that you can complete it in no time even on a hot day when your appetite tends to fall.

The oil-boiled chicken set meal has been offered at Matsunoya nationwide except some stores from Wednesday, August 12, 2020, rice and miso soup is 750 yen including tax, if you take it home, miso soup is not included. Hmm. In addition, the ' Yorongi chicken large set meal ', which is 1.5 times more meat than usual, is also available at the same time, and the price is 950 yen including tax including rice and miso soup. As with the oil-boiled chicken set meal, miso soup is not included when you take it home, so you must order separately if you want to eat miso soup.

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