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The appearance of 'Kamen Rider Den-O' has been released for the first time in 10 years at '

Toei Manga Festival '. Anna Mamotarus transforms herself into a runaway girl Anna ( acted by Naka Takao ), and after transforming herself is a 'Pretty Denno' with ribbons on her head and chest and frills on her shoulders and sleeves. Please check with the theater to see what the form will look like and what kind of battle it will look like.

'Toei Manga Matsuri' is 'The Movie Oshitantei Ladybug Mystery' 'Kamen Rider Den-o Pretty Den-o Tojo!' It will be open to the public on August 14, 2020 (Friday) in four 'Sun'.

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Is there a scientifically effective way to keep cockroaches out of the room? -Quora

The importance of basic science ── 'useless' science is useful'-Basic reading

◆Society, politics, economy (incidents, world news, business)
Uber Eats left uneaten food in front of his house-a humble appearance

New Corona in Tokyo: 389 new cases confirmed, more than 300 confirmed since 9th of this month | New Corona cases in Japan | NHK News

Younger generation “Severity after hospitalization, about the same as an adult” US CDC | New Coronavirus | NHK News

'Constitutional violation becomes normal' Academic group, criticism over extraordinary Diet: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Professor Koichi Nakano and Sophia University (politics) said, 'It is becoming more and more reality that Prime Minister Abe is the 'legend of the legislative body', not a mistake in words.'

Dentsu, surplus of 15.7 billion yen, June interim financial results, first time in two years | Kyodo News

Heavy oil spill A dramatic change in the landscape of Mauritius, a paradise in the Indian Ocean

Analysis of 100 clusters What is a 'typical case'? National Institute of Infectious Diseases | New Coronavirus | NHK News

Israel and UAE emphasize normalization of diplomatic relations as 'historical diplomacy' | President Trump | NHK News

Parliamentarian, smoking in the hall's own room Violation of Health Promotion Act: Hokkaido Shishin electronic version

Women's testimony attacked in Kamikochi on the campsite's bear countermeasures | Shinano Mainichi Shimbun [Shindai web]

Yale University Admissions “Discrimination between Asians and Whites” US Department of Justice announced | US black man death | NHK News

I don't like the 'Trump party' I've been rejected by my family, playing 1 billion times a month: Asahi Shimbun Digital

14 people die from heat stroke in Tokyo 2 days from 11th to 12th of this month | Heatstroke | NHK News

U.S. unmanned aerial vehicle, procurement discontinuation reexamined due to concern over cost increase-Global Hawk 3 aircraft: Jiji Dotcom

Host arrested for blackmail threat Police searching for store wearing corrosive protective measures | New Coronavirus | NHK News

No evidence of corona infection from WHO foods | New Coronavirus | NHK News

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Curry needs attention even if heated Curry food poisoning prevention method-Weather News

The bacteria causing food poisoning in curry is Clostridium perfringens. The summer curry cooking process is a good condition for the growth of Clostridium perfringens.
C. perfringens attaches to meat, seafood, and vegetables that are ingredients for curry. Curry is often cooked in large quantities, and it is often left at room temperature for several hours, which causes bacteria to grow.

The British Foundation recommends having sex with an infectious disease epidemic, not wearing a face-to-face mask-BBC News

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Uber Eats left uneaten food in front of his house-a humble appearance

iPhone/iPad storage ``other'' huge problem, Apple explains how to handle-iPhone Mania

A story that a contact notification came from the new coronavirus contact confirmation application and a story that the contact timing was unexpected-Ejection outlet

[Apology] About the problem that the IP address can be confirmed by others|note Co., Ltd.

In the note service, there was a bug that the IP address of the article poster could be confirmed from the source code of the article details page.

Let's Encrypt root certificate changed in 2021! What are the implications and what should be prepared for? | Sakura SSL

The introduction of the function of Twitter reply restriction, experts point out as follows | IT/net | NHK News

A story that automates online mahjong (sparrow soul) with OpenCV and machine learning-Qiita

PDF file seen from programmer | Antenna House PDF reference room

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[Limited release] 10 minutes of the main video 'Theatrical version Secret x Warrior Phantomage! ~It's going to be a movie~' -YouTube

TV animation 'Ochikobore Fruit Tart' 2nd PV

Anime 'Princess Connect! Re:Dive Season 2' teaser PV

'Because I'm not angry, I'll give up myself softly.' 10 years ago, the breast doujinshi was delivered to the Diet Library without permission → seems to be quite common? -Togetter

I asked deep learning if recent Pokemon are like Digimon-Qiita

[Complete Monopoly] Encounter with the Touhou Project heard in Sumire Uesaka cosplay shooting, and the reason why I became absorbed in it |

Nararou's refutation of Ranobe's theory of rehabilitation 'I think that Naroga took over the light novel, but I think it is in the current state' 'I honestly think that Dero should be collapsed'-Togetter

Return to Japan Tier 1! Xbox Series X to be released in November in Japan-GAME Watch

The story of the origin of Plarail-Parlor Fleur

Actage discussion! The woman is crying! -Ku Tenote-Anime Blog-

``Life without a higurashi'' promotion movie-YouTube

Million Live! The number of killings in the drama ranking revenge-Nico Nico Douga

[Bon [email protected]] Don't go home to Bon NIGHT-Nico Nico Douga

Origami red apple-Nico Nico Douga

I wanted to fold an origami red apple-Nico Nico Douga

Ghost Rule-Nico Nico Douga

[Mashup] Mash apple!!

[Collaboration notice] Recruitment of collaboration songs for eating-Nico Nico Douga

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To launch in September Discussion with event scale of Wiscorona Olympics

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It's summer! It's a barbecue! # Zaku's effect “Fami Chiki (BBQ taste)” appeared in the wild! # After all it is Fami Chiki|News Release|Family Mart

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