Weekly Shonen Jump serialization 'actage act-age' The author is arrested and the serialization is decided to end

`` Actage act-age '' serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump was released on August 11, 2020 (Tuesday) due to a discussion between the editorial department and the drawing charge, Mr.

Shiro Usazaki, who was arrested by the original author. ) It has been decided that the serialization will end with the publication of the weekly Shonen Jump 36.37 merger issue.

Notice regarding the end of the 'Actage act-age' series|Shueisha 'Weekly Shonen Jump' official website

'Actage act-age' is a manga serialized from Weekly Shonen Jump 2018 issue 8 . A girl who fails the audition, Nagi Nagi, is depicted as a genius, directed by Sumi Kuroyama, and grows up as an actor under Director Kuroyama.

The original author, Mr. Tatsuya Matsuki, applied for 'Welcome to Asagaya Art High School Video Department!' for the Manga Award for 'Weekly Shonen Jump' and the 2nd Stokkin Pro!

Mr. Usasaki, who is in charge of drawing, was drawn as a drawing in charge when 'Welcome to Asagaya Art High School Video Department!' He had zero experience.

'Welcome to Asagaya Art High School Video Department!' was published as a read-only in the September 2017 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, and a few years later, 'Actage act-age' was created.

However, on August 8, 2020, Mr. Matsuki was arrested on the charge of obscenity, and the Weekly Shonen Jump editorial department commented that it will deal with it after confirming the facts.

Shonen Jump Manga Creator Arrested Suspected of Obscenity in Junior High School Girls | NHK News

Information from the editorial department | Shueisha 'Weekly Shonen Jump' official website

Besides the end of the series, it is not clear what will happen to the already published treatment, what will happen to the e-book version, etc.

Also, in 2022, it was decided that it would be staged as 'actuage act-age ~Galaxy Railway Night~', and an audition project for the role of the heroine was in progress, but this is also about the future at the time of article publication. I'm not sure.

It has been announced that the stage and the audition for the role of the heroine will be cancelled.

Announcement of cancellation of audition for the stage 'actage act-age ~Galaxy Railway Night~' and heroine 'Yagi Nagikei' | HoriPro International Inc.

・Added August 17
The Shonen Jump editorial department announced that the new issue of 'actuage act-age', volume 13 and beyond, will be discontinued, shipments of volumes 1 to 12 will be suspended indefinitely, and electronic versions of distribution will be suspended indefinitely.

Notice on 'actage act-age' comics and other various plans and related products|Shueisha 'Weekly Shonen Jump' official website

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