Power tap ``700-TAP020 Rotating Power Tap'' review that allows you to turn around and effectively utilize the outlet & charge smartphones with two USB ports

Home appliance manufacturer Sanwa Supply has released the 700-TAP020 Rotating Power Tap, a power strip that you can insert by turning it without interference from multiple adapters. When Sanwa Supply's direct mail order site announced resale on Twitter, I could actually get this 700-TAP020 Rotating Power Tap that collected more than 30,000 retweets and more than 80,000 likes, so what? I touched it.

The package of 700-TAP020 Rotating Power Tap looks like this.

The contents are only the instruction manual and the main body.

The body is taken out of the bag.

The size of the tap part is about 33 cm in length × about 5 cm in width, and it looks like this when aligned with iPhone X with a long side of 143.6 mm. There are 6 outlets in total.

The height of the tap is about 5 cm.

A sticker with specifications written on the back of the tap part. The rated voltage is AC100-125V, the rated input capacity is 40VA, the rated output voltage is DC5V, and the rated secondary current is 3.4A in total.

The weight including the cord was actually measured at about 650g.

At the base of the main unit is a switch that can turn off the power at once and an indicator that shows the lightning guard function. The touch of the switch is rather shallow, and it is a slightly unforgettable impression.

Each outlet can be rotated up to 90 degrees to the left and right, and when you move it by 45 degrees, the angle is set with a clicking sound.

And there are two USB Type-A ports at the end. It can output up to 3.4A in total.

The length of the cord is about 180 cm.

The plug looks like this. The base of the electrode has an insulation cover to prevent leakage.

Moreover, since the electrode part is designed to move freely, it is possible to insert it into an outlet in a narrow space.

What often happens when using a power strip is when inserting the plug that is integrated with the AC adapter, it interferes with the adjacent outlet depending on the size of the AC adapter, and as a result, the number of plugs that can be inserted in the power strip is limited. It will decrease.

However, if you turn the tap part...

It is possible to insert the plug like the image below without interfering with each other. The plug can be inserted only when the outlet is horizontal or vertical. The outlet part of the tap moves by 45 degrees, but it is impossible to insert the plug in an inclined state because the outlet shutter that reduces the intrusion of dust etc. is activated.

Now I plugged the cable into the USB port and tried charging the Pixel 3a XL and iPhone X. When I tried to connect at the same time, both were in the state of charging.

I checked the energized state with the

COOWOO USB current voltage trigger meter . In the case of Pixel 3a XL, it is stable at approximately 5V 0.70 to 0.77A.

In the case of iPhone X, it is about 5V x 1 to 1.25A.

If you rotate it, you can insert it with a large AC adapter continuously, so it is recommended for people who want to combine various gadgets into one.

The 700-TAP020 Rotating Power Tap can be purchased at the Sanwa Direct head office directly managed by Sanwa Supply for 3980 yen including tax. The shipping fee will be borne by the Sanwa Direct head office and is free.

Power tap (with 2 USB ports, total maximum 3.4A output, 6 ports, rotating type, iPhone/iPad/smartphone/tablet charging, 1.8m, outlet tap, white) 700-TAP020 for sale | Online shop Sanwa Direct


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