A problem that the drawing system crashes when the notebook PC is opened and closed is found

When the resolution of a laptop with Windows 10 is set to 4K, the desktop drawing system '

Desktop Window Manager (DWM)' crashes when the display is repeatedly opened and closed.

Windows 10 Desktop Windows Manager crashes due to DirectX bug

DWM is a program for managing screen drawing that is installed in Windows after Windows Vista. Windows uses DWM to manage the processing for each window and to smooth the drawing when multiple windows overlap.Windows applications use DWM to draw pixels in video memory and to create visual effects and I am displaying an image with animation applied.

The problem discovered this time is that the DWM crashes when you repeatedly open and close the display on a 4K resolution laptop. It seems that it is necessary to meet quite severe conditions for this bug to occur, and Microsoft has published 'Problem Procedures'.

1: Connect a laptop with Windows 10 to an external monitor compatible with 4K or higher resolution with an HDMI cable.
2: Set the monitor resolution to 4K.
3: Play movies in 4K resolution and H.264 standard with ' Movie & TV ', a modern app.
4: Open 'Power Options' -> 'Advanced Settings' -> 'Choose what to do when the cover is closed' from 'Hardware and Sound' on the control panel, and set the action when the cover is closed to 'Do nothing'. Set and select 'Save changes'.

5: During movie playback, repeatedly open and close the cover.

Also, the same problem will occur when connecting multiple 4K monitors with

Thunderbolt 3 . Below are the steps that can cause problems when using Thunderbolt 3.

1: Connect two 4K monitors to Thunderbolt 3 docking station.
2: Connect a laptop with a 4K monitor to the docking station to create a '4K monitor 3' configuration.
3: Repeat connection and reconnection of Thunderbolt 3 docking station and laptop.

According to Microsoft's explanation, this phenomenon is not a hardware problem, but it is caused by the video memory management component 'Dxgmms2.sys' included in Microsoft DirectX . Microsoft says it's working on the problem, but it doesn't mention the timeline of when the fix will come.

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