'Firefox 79' official version released, new logical assignment operator introduced, noopener setting becomes standard and security improved

The official version of the web browser 'Firefox 79' has been released. In addition to expanding the support range of WebRender that improves the display speed of pages, the behavior of '

rel='noopener' 'when a link is opened in a new window becomes the standard, improving security.

Firefox 79.0, See All New Features, Updates and Fixes

Firefox 79: The safe return of shared memory, new tooling, and platform updates-Mozilla Hacks-the Web developer blog

◆WebRender enabled on PC with AMD graphics card
WebRender is a function that supports the rendering of web pages using the GPU, and since it was introduced in Firefox 67, the range of support is gradually expanding, but Firefox 79 is battery-powered with an AMD graphics card. Now compatible with Windows 10 PC. The current status of support is summarized in the official wiki .

◆Changes for developers
・Asynchronous code call stack can be traced

-Error is displayed on the console when the response code is 400-500.

-JavaScript errors will now be displayed in the debugger as well as the console
In addition to highlighting the relevant part of the code, detailed information on the error is displayed when the cursor is placed.

-Improved reliability of SCSS and CSS-in-JS code display in the inspector.
-Accessibility inspector added to the context menu for all users

-When touch simulation is enabled in responsive design mode, it is possible to generate touch and swipe events with the mouse.
-When target='_blank' is set in a tag or area tag , the same operation as when rel='noopener' is specified is performed.
The security of the opened page is improved because the JavaScript of the opened page cannot operate the original page.

・Added support for Promise.any()
-Supports logical assignment operators ' ??= ' ' &&= ' ' ||= '

◆Bug fix
Fixed issues such as crashes when using screen readers, and SVG 'title' and 'desc' elements not being accessible by screen readers.

Firefox 79 also includes numerous security fixes .

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