Neo Venetian new time movie 'ARIA The CREPUS COLO' special news video release

Kozue Amano 's comic ' ARIA ' TV animation 15th Anniversary The special announcement video and the teaser visual of the completely new animation movie ' ARIA The CREPUSCOLO ' created in the project are released.

'ARIA The CREPUSCOLO' Official Site

In the teaser visual, the main characters gathered in [Hibiki no Oka] are drawn.

The synopsis is as follows.

Autumn when the city of Neo-Venice is decorated with a carpet of fallen leaves. There was something worrisome about Anya, who spends her days studying at Orange Planet. Alice and Athena are seniors who haven't seen each other for a long time because they are busy each other. Because of that, Alice seems to be avoiding meeting Athena, who is not well for some reason. When I asked my friends Ai and Azusa to help me find a way for seniors to meet them, Anya realized that she had the “scenery” that she could only see now...

The special news video has also been released.

``ARIA The CREPUSCOLO'' Special Video-YouTube

©2020 天野こずえ/マッグガーデン・ARIAカンパニー

This work is based on a completely new original manga drawn by ' Orange Planet '.

The special news storyteller is Akari Mizunashi (voice: Erino Hazuki).

It depicts the gentle and calm everyday life of Neo-Venice.

Since Tomoko Kawakami died in 2011 as the role of Athena , it appeared without a new recording in 'ARIA The AVVENIRE' released in 2015, but Rina Sato has taken over in this work.

The comments from the original author, Kozue Amano and the general director, Junichi Sato, are as follows.

Kozue Amano:
We had a story about filming again after the 15th anniversary of TV anime broadcasting.
Thank you so much for the continued support of our fans and for this unfortunate and happy opportunity.
Unexpectedly, this movie announcement coincided with the current situation of the harsh world that could not be imagined at all when the project was officially decided and the original manga work was started.
I have no choice but to think that something big, invisible power... was driven by the flow and reached the present.
We sincerely hope that the newly created 'ARIA' will bring enthusiasm and smiles to the fans, and help the healing and support of the anxious mind even a little.

Junichi Sato, Director/Screenplay:
The passion of the fans who support 'ARIA' came to fruition five years ago in the form of 'ARIA The AVVENIRE'.
And the seeds of wishes born there will bear fruit in the form of the new work 'ARIA The CREPUSCOLO' in 2020.
It's been 15 years since 'ARIA The ANIMATION'. Whether you've been a fan for a long time or a fan recently, the voice of expectations for a new work will give us courage.
I don't think that the future will be born suddenly, but I think once again that I can give birth only when I have accumulated many layers from the past to the present.
This time, a new time for Neo-Venice will begin to move, with the addition of a new group of people who share one thought.
Let's start with a new tomorrow.

◆ Movie 'ARIA The CREPUSCOLO' work information
Original: Kozue Amano 'ARIA' (Published by Blade Comics/Mag Garden)
Director/Screenplay: Junichi Sato
Director: Takahiro Natori
Character design/total drawing director: Yoko Ito
Music: Choro Club feat. Senoo
Animation production: JCSTAFF
Production: Shochiku
Distribution: Shochiku ODS Business Office

Alice Carroll: Ryo Hirohashi
Athena Glory: Rina Sato
Anya Dostoevskaya: Ai Chino

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