[Free manga] Desma 2 part-time job of a brute and a company slaughterhouse Part 1

Kuzul, a bad hero of the world 'Konam' where monsters are infested, was working for a Japanese game company for some reason. There is no demon king or demon here. Instead, there's a lot of work to do, a colleague with a blind eye, and a boss who's more afraid than a demon... isn't this more demanding? But here is the real hell awaiting Kuzul!
The 'side job' of a hero and a company animal may not be all bad. The first day of the Death March opens!

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Brave company livestock side job Desma 2

◆ Profile for drawing and original work
Original story/Screenplay: Tsubiku

Manga/Character Design: Hyak

◆Desma 1 'Starting a side job!'

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In addition, this work is a brush-up of the work submitted in the 'Original Screenplay Category' of the GIGAZINE Manga Award for serialization. In addition, Mr. Hyak, who is in charge of drawing, will be the one who was selected as a prize after applying for the drawing department of 'GIGAZINE Manga Award'. We are always looking for original scripts, animations, and of course manga works, so if you want to make a debut by posting a full-color, full-digital manga like this, please refer to the link below for details and apply. Thank you for your continued support.

'GIGAZINE Manga Award' to deliver works by utilizing data analysis Started recruitment in July 2020 & released manga back data-GIGAZINE

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