Experience the panoramic aquarium 'GURURI' surrounded by 1500 jellyfish 360 degrees at the new exhibition 'Jellyfish Wonder' at Kyoto Aquarium

The new exhibition area ' Jellyfish Wonder ', which exhibits more than 20 species and more than 5000 jellyfish, which is the most in western Japan, will start to open at the Kyoto Aquarium from Thursday, July 16, 2020. In this exhibition area, you will be able to experience the immersion as if you were diving into the sea full of jellyfish, so I participated in the pre-opening press tour.

New exhibition area 'Jellyfish Wonder' | Umekoji 'Kyoto Aquarium' [Official Site]


The address of the Kyoto Aquarium is '35-1 Kankiji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto', which is a 15-minute walk from JR Kyoto Station.

The image of the aquarium is along the sea, but the Kyoto aquarium suddenly appears when you are walking along the road.

The entrance looks like this.

When I try to get inside...

I was prompted to disinfect my fingers with alcohol.

The Kyoto Aquarium often offers unique meals such as “ ayu salt-grilled dogs ” and “ frog egg-style soup ”, but as part of measures to prevent infections, the food menu inside the restaurant is limited to soft ice cream and drinks. It is said that there is.

A thermal camera was installed in front of the automatic door, and the visitors were checked for fever.

So the tour started.

Follow the normal route and pass through the main tank, the main tank in the second half...

Suddenly a fantastic space was spreading.

This area is Jellyfish Wonder. Jellyfish have been around us since the time of Kojiki, and they still have an unsolved mystery in their translucent body. Living on land makes it difficult to come into contact with jellyfish, but when you go into the sea, you often have the experience of being surrounded by jellyfish on all sides. The experience of being surrounded by jellyfish is reproduced.

When you go inside, you will find a circular aquarium. This is the 360 degree panoramic water tank 'GURURI'.

The appearance of jellyfish in the water tank of 'GURURI' is fantastic from the outside. You can see how you walked outside GURURI from the following.

Looking at the panoramic water tank ``GURURI'' surrounded by jellyfish 360 degrees like this-YouTube

There is a mirror on the other side of GURURI's aquarium, so it seems that jellyfish are overflowing in the space.

GURURI has an arched entrance, from which you can enter.

The jellyfish flutters on the top of the arch, and you can see the jellyfish from below.

When you enter GURURI, it looks like this.

You can see how I turned around 360 degrees inside GURURI from the following movie.

It looks like this when entering the 360 degree panoramic water tank ``GURURI''-YouTube

Here's a panoramic shot.

The lighting of the aquarium changes from time to time, and the appearance of the jellyfish emerges in the fantastic light of red, yellow, and purple.

All the jellyfish swaying in the aquarium. This is because the moon jellyfish is the most common, and from the perspective of reproducing the experience of being surrounded by jellyfish in the sea, the moon jellyfish is the most suitable.

Standing in the middle of the aquarium and looking around, there are jellyfish everywhere.

Surrounded by 1500 jellyfish in a blue-tinted space, you feel like you're fluffy in the sea.

Whether you look at it from the outside or go inside, you can enjoy the fantasy space unique to you and the jellyfish.

In addition, the Jellyfish Wonder has an open space for breeding, rearing, and researching jellyfish, which was previously conducted in the backyard. Baby jellyfish are on display here, and you can learn about various growing jellyfish by talking with the breeding staff.

Of course, there are various types of jellyfish in Jellyfish Wonder, in addition to Mizujure. There are 20 types of western Japan, the largest number, and 5000 jellyfish are displayed in total.

So, details of areas other than Jellyfish Wonder's GURURI and limited food with jellyfish motif will be released soon, so please look forward to it!

West Japan's largest ``jellyfish wonder'' photo collection with fantastic and beautiful jellyfish gathered, you can see the growth process and research of jellyfish up close-GIGAZINE

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