New EU Regulation Protects App Developers from App Store Forces

by YunHo LEE

In the European Union (EU), a new regulation is enforced that applies to app stores such as Apple's App Store and Google's Google Play, ' Regulations promoting fairness and transparency for business users of online intermediary services ' it was done. This will give app developers in the EU greater protection from app stores and other app stores.

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The EU's Regulations on Promoting Fairness and Transparency for Business Users of Online Brokerage Services will give app developers many benefits. ``Apple needs to notify developers 30 days before they can remove an app from the App Store,'' said app developer Steven Trouton Smith. App developers in the EU benefit greatly from three factors: ``Apple needs to disclose external incentives for'unresolvable disputes' regarding app reviews'' It is supposed to be.

Apple has removed apps that violate its own strict guidelines from the App Store without prior notice. Therefore, due to the new regulation 'Apple needs to notify the developer 30 days before deleting the application from the App Store', the application developer will delete the application from the App Store To prevent this, you will have a 30-day grace period in which you will have time to fix any parts that violate the guidelines.

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by Koisny

In addition, the European Commission, which is the EU's policy enforcement agency, announced on June 17, 2020 that it started its own investigation as 'Apple's App Store and Apple Pay violate antitrust laws' So, the controversy that 'Apple's App Store is in violation of antitrust laws' has rekindled. Again, the new regulation ``Apple needs to disclose the preferential treatment given to major developers and publishers'' makes it difficult for the App Store to take preferential treatment only for some companies, making it more transparent It is expected that it will be an opportunity to be reborn as a highly functional app store.

European Commission begins investigation into Apple as ``App Store and Apple Pay violate antitrust law''-GIGAZINE

In addition, in the latter half of June 2020, there was a situation where the paid app 'HEY', which had to be purchased without going through Apple's payment system, was excluded from the App Store. The App Store's treatment of HEY has become a major controversy, and Apple has updated the App Store's review guidelines , allowing it to challenge complaints that apps violate the guidelines, but to new EU regulations. One 'Apple needs to set up an external mediator for'unresolved disputes about app reviews'' may lead to a smoother dispute resolution.

Paid apps that need to be purchased without Apple's payment system may be excluded from the App Store-GIGAZINE

However, it is not only these three factors that will benefit from the new EU regulations. For example, there is a new rule that 'the app store side needs to explain in more detail to the developer side about how the ranking system in the service works', so it is at the top of the app ranking. It will be possible to know in more detail what a popular app that bites into is.

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