I tried ``beef yakiniku cold noodle'' of Marugame noodles where sweet and spicy yakiniku and cold textured noodles disappeared on the belly

Marugame Seimen launched new products for the summer on July 14, 2020 (Tuesday), with beef yakiniku cold noodles and spicy beef yakiniku cold noodles . I have a weak appetite in the summer, but I'm going to eat because it's supposed to slip into my stomach.

Beef BBQ cold noodles|Sanuki Kamaage Udon Marugame Seimen


Arrived at Marugame noodles. I wanted to choose if I could take out in view of the condition of Corona, but since it is not included in the takeaway menu , I chose in-store food.

The menu is kore, “Spicy beef yakiniku cold noodles” (normal) is 720 yen including tax, and “beef yakiniku cold noodles” (normal) is 690 yen including tax.

Although there is cooking to fry meat, udon is completed in no time. The beef yakiniku cold noodles are on the left, and the spicy beef yakiniku cold noodles are on the right.

'Beef yakiniku cold noodles' look like this, and the ingredients are arranged so that udon can not be seen, and it seems that 'it is not cold noodles but ordinary cold noodles?'

The thick and chewy udon and the beef yakiniku fried with a sweet and spicy flavor go well together. The overall taste of the ingredients is as if you were eating cold noodles, but the noodles and soup stock are udon noodles, but there is no such thing as a fight, and that's what it was like from the beginning. I will enter the tummy smoothly as if it were.

'Spicy beef yakiniku cold noodles' are spicy when seasoning yakiniku. However, although the spiciness is certainly increasing, it is not as spicy as the stimulation of peppers sticks on the tongue, and it maintains an appropriate balance within the dry range.

The difference in the color of the dashi stock after eating is like this.

'Beef yakiniku cold noodles' and 'spicy beef yakiniku cold noodles' are on sale at Marugame Seimen except some stores. There are cases where it is not handled at stores in shopping malls, so if you absolutely want to eat it is better to check in advance.

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