I tried using ``Jazz Keys'' which converts random typing into piano performance so that anyone can play like a professional jazz pianist for free

Playing the piano is not something that you can learn overnight and requires a long period of practice. ' JazzKeys ' is a web service that you can use for free, where you can feel like playing a piano with a keyboard on your PC or smartphone by randomly typing letters. I actually tried to see how the piano can be played.

JazzKeys, by Plan8


To use JazzKeys, first access the above URL. This time I used the PC version. If 'CLICK TO START' is displayed on the screen, click anywhere on the screen to start it.

The title is displayed……

When the following screen is displayed, Jazz Keys can be used.

You can check how you actually typed letters with Jazz Keys in the following movie. When I hit the keyboard, the piano sound was played randomly, and even when I continued to play the same alphabet, different sounds were produced. If you delete letters in succession, the scale will drop from high to low, and a

glissando will sound.

I tried playing with ``Jazz Keys'' which changes the keyboard of the PC into the keyboard of the piano-YouTube

The menu bar is on the right side of the screen.

You can repeat the music you have played by clicking the triangle mark.

Click '+' to reset the performances and inputs you have made.

Click the note mark to change the piano tone.

It is not possible to change the musical instrument to change the tone, but all five types are piano sounds. The default sound is 'Free form', and the jazz song names ' My Romance ', ' Blue in Green ', ' The Koln Concert ', and ' Peace Piece ' seem to have the same tone.

Click the arrow mark to share the music you played.

'Copy Link' allows you to copy the URL of the song you played. You can share the link to each SNS by clicking 'Twitter' and 'Facebook'.

Click the mark at the bottom to change the background and font color.

You can change to black letters on a white background.

In addition, although Japanese can be input, the piano sound does not sound, and it was not supported at the time of article creation.

You can randomly enter characters to create a song, but you can also enter your favorite English sentence and convert it to a piano song.

JazzKeys, by Plan8

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