Researchers point out that both advertisers and users can benefit by allowing ad blockers

Many people use

ad blockers (ad blockers) when browsing websites to block the display of advertisements on the website. Although ad blockers are a headache for websites that cover operating expenses with advertising revenue, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and City University of Hong Kong said, ``Allowing ad blockers to be used by users and advertiser companies Both sides have advantages.'

The Beneficial Effects of Ad Blockers | Management Science

Ad Blockers May Benefit Websites, Users, and the Market at Large-Tepper School of Business-Carnegie Mellon University

Many free content that you can enjoy online, including those distributed by major Internet companies such as Google and Yahoo!, rely on 'web advertising' as their main source of income. However, in recent years, the number of users who use advertisement blockers that prevent the display of web advertisements has increased, and web content that depends on advertising revenue faces a major challenge.

An ad blocker is a type of software that is usually added as an extension to your browser to identify advertising content on your website and prevent it from loading. As a result, the operator delivering the web content will not be able to receive advertising revenue, so when an ad blocker is detected, a popup message 'Please turn off the ad blocker' is displayed, and until the content is turned off, the content is displayed. Some websites are not available for browsing.

The claim that 'ad blockers negatively impact web content that depends on advertising revenue' is common, but researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and City University of Hong Kong say that rejecting ad blockers is not always the best solution. Pointed out that there is no. ``Most speculation shows that ad blockers have poor results for advertisers and websites, but our research shows hope that ad blockers can benefit companies. 'Professor

Kannan Srinivasan of Carnegie Mellon University said.

To evaluate the effectiveness of ad blockers, researchers modeled and analyzed the competitiveness of advertising, the cost of advertising, and the sensitivity of users to advertising. The research team divides users into two types, 'types that are sensitive to advertisements and use ad blockers' and 'types that do not use ad blockers', and websites are 'types that can not be viewed unless the ad blocker is turned off' 'all It is said that the scenario was examined by dividing it into three types, 'type that allows ad blockers of' and 'type that requires paid subscription instead of not displaying ads'.

As a result of the analysis, the research team concludes that, contrary to conventional assumptions, 'websites that allow ad blockers' may offer some benefits. The following four are the 'merits that can occur by allowing ad blockers' claimed by the research team.

・It is possible to exclude users who dislike ads from the targets of ads and build an efficient advertising market targeting only users who accept ads.
・By blocking annoying advertisements, users can browse the content comfortably.
• Motivate ad distributors to pay to pass ad blockers and encourage regulation of the advertising industry.
-The quality of web contents will be improved by building an efficient market.

The most important insight in this study was that 'by allowing ad blockers, we can distinguish between 'users who use ad blockers' and 'users who do not use ad blockers'. Since users who use ad blockers often do not respond when they see ads, researchers say that targeting ads to users who do not use ad blockers can improve the effectiveness of ads more than ever I'm pointing out.

'Our research provides suggestions for websites that rely on advertising revenue and provides general guidelines on how to make decisions about advertising,' said

Stylianos Despotakis, an associate professor at City University of Hong Kong. ' , If you refuse to use an ad blocker for your ad-sensitive users, your website can't expect a lot of ad revenue.Allowing ad blockers will benefit both your website and your users. You get it.'

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