'Democracy activist work' has been removed from Hong Kong libraries

Democratic activist books have been removed from Hong Kong libraries following the enforcement of the “ Hong Kong National Security Act ”, which is a law to strengthen the control of Hong Kong by the Chinese government.

Hong Kong: books by pro-democracy activists disappear from library shelves | World news | The Guardian

The Hong Kong National Security Maintenance Act was enforced around 23:00 on June 30, just before July 1, 2020, which is 23 years after Hong Kong's return to China. It was

This law enforces crackdown on state secession, subversion, terrorism, collusion with foreign powers intervening in Hong Kong, acts to incite hatred of the Chinese central government and local governments in Hong Kong, and direct control of Hong Kong Establishing the establishment of a new security organization. The law has a wide range of interpretations, the possibility of a private trial without a jury, and there are no restrictions on the period of detention of suspects. It is pointed out that 'the central government of China can have a far-reaching power (which should have autonomy) in Hong Kong,' because the Chinese mainland authorities can take over everything up to this point.

[Commentary] Hong Kong's 'National Security Law' Why scare people?- BBC News

At the same time as the enforcement of the Hong Kong National Security Act, it was discovered that the work of activists who led the democratization demonstration in Hong Kong had been removed from the library.

Of that it has been removed from the library has become clear, democratization organization ' Scholarism ', ' Hong Kong Shukokorozashi is a leader of the' 2014 Hong Kong anti-government demonstrations activists of having a career, who led the Joshua Wong Mr. Ya , with the seats in Hong Kong's legislature, yet activist ChinYoshi莊 lawmakers, autonomy movement Hong Kong is the ideological leader of Chen Yun work, such as Mr. According to a reporter of AFP news agency, as of the afternoon of July 4, 2020, it was confirmed that the works of Mr. Huang Yong Feng and others have been removed from the public library in Huang Daisen District , Hong Kong. Regarding this, the Huang Daisen Ward Cultural Services Division, which operates the library, replied, 'We are temporarily removing books in order to check if they are in violation of the National Security Maintenance Act.'

In response to this incident, Mr. Huang Yi-ho said, 'I believe that the removal of the book was caused by the National Security Act of Hong Kong. White terrorism continues to spread, and the Japanese anime ' Library War ' occurred in Hong Kong. We are on the way.'

The 4th day of the National Security Law, the Shoshokan Miyoku Yuu Iku book 'Covering' book, Tonaka Comprehensive Gaijin 2013 publication, 'I'm sorry road'.

Ambassador's memorandum Yong Yi, Nemoto Ning Yi Jian and Jin Yi Jian, constitutional issues, further additions Jin Yi Yi Yi Yi Yu (Yearly 16 years old, also unfinished international land line), and a very important examination.

Yuko Kanami, white fearlessness, Kuniyasu Homoto's scholarship, guilty tools, Japanese animation 'Ryoshokan 爰爭' 充座, 猟然切實咁樣喺强. 

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The Great Britain's large letter, The Guardian, states: “Promotion of independence or autonomy seems to be prohibited by the law. In addition, overly interpretable provisions also prohibit incitement of hatred against the Chinese and Hong Kong governments. On the mainland, similar national security laws are routinely used to subdue dissent.” “There is suspicion that academic freedom exists due to the Hong Kong National Security Act and the removal of books. It will be done.”

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