'Map View' that displays the shooting location on the map appears in 'Google Photos'

On June 25, 2020,

Google announced the renewal of ' Google Photos ', a cloud storage service for free and unlimited photos and movies. With this update, the logo design of the application has been revamped, and the function to automatically play movie files and the function to display photos and movies on the map are also added.

A redesigned Google Photos, built for your life's memories

Until now, the 'Google Photos' icon, which used to be made of origami and looks like a windmill, has been changed to an abstract, rounded windmill icon with this update. This is an image of memories such as memories and nostalgia of childhood.

As this logo design change symbolizes, this update includes new features focused on helping you find memorable photos and movies at a glance.

The '

memories ' at the top of the 'Photos' tab have been around for a long time, but until now they were round and small icons. It's now bigger and easier to see with this update.

Also, the thumbnails of the photos and movies that are displayed have become larger, and the space between the thumbnails has been reduced. In addition, the movie will be automatically played as a thumbnail, so you can immediately understand what kind of scene the movie is.

In the 'Search' tab, a 'Map View' function that displays the shooting location of a photo or movie on a map has been added. This was one of the most requested requests to Google since releasing Google Photos.

The 'Map View' makes it possible to find at a glance photos taken at your travel destination or in your hometown. This feature is available by turning on location information on your smartphone and allowing the app to use location information, or by manually adding location information to photos and movies.

The 'Library' tab contains functions such as albums, favorites, archives, and trash. For North American and EU users, we've also added a shortcut to the store where you can print out your favorite photos.

The redesigned 'Google Photos' update will be delivered to both Android and iOS the week after the announcement, June 25.

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