Microsoft's game live platform ``Mixer'' ends, users move to Facebook

On June 23, 2020, Microsoft announced that it will terminate the service of the game play platform Mixer . At the same time, Microsoft has partnered with Facebook to move its users to Facebook Gaming .

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Microsoft started offering the game live streaming platform as 'Beam' in January 2016, changed the platform name to 'Mixer' in May 2017, and renewed the service by adding various new functions.

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After that, Mixer has been working to enhance the distribution content by pulling out Ninja and Shroud, one of the most popular game commentators from top class, from Twitch and signing an exclusive contract.

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Meanwhile, Mixer said on June 23, 'There is huge news for Mixer's partners, streamers, and the community. Mixer has decided to end operations and formally partner with Facebook Gaming. Yes, I announced it on Twitter.

``We want to give gamers the time they need to scale up their own live-streaming community,'' said Phil Spencer, executive vice president of gaming at Microsoft. Because it was far from the vision and experience we had, we decided to end Mixer and help the community move to a new platform.'

Meanwhile, Spencer, who responded to an interview with IT-based news site The Verge, said, 'Mixer's monthly active audience was far behind that of big, similar platforms.' We acknowledged how the service ended due to the business slump.

Mixer's services will continue until July 22, 2020, after which site and app access will be automatically redirected to Facebook Gaming. In addition, Mixer's distributor will be given a Facebook Gaming account, and partner contracts and monetization program status will be inherited as much as possible at the time of Mixer.

Viewers will also get an account on Facebook Gaming, and viewers who have subscribed to subscription services that are valid until July 22 or later will receive an Xbox gift card. However, Ember and Spark, which viewers used in the service like currencies, are not carried over, so Mixer called out, 'I want you to use it up within the period and give the last support to the streamer.'

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