Lawson's 'Tokoro Tomato & Cheese' tasting review with thick cheese and potato with a tomato flavor


Tokoro Coro, which contains sweet and smooth potatoes wrapped in crispy clothes, and Tokoro Koro Tomato & Cheese , which has tomato and cheese added, has been available since June 23, 2020. I immediately ate what kind of taste the melted cheese contained in the hot croquettes and how it tasted.

Tokoro Tomato & Cheese | Lawson Official Website

Arrived at Lawson.

I bought 'Tokekoro Tomato & Cheese' and came back.

When you open the lid, you can smell the fried oil. I don't smell the tomato and cheese yet.

This is about the size of a transportation IC card. One calorie is 268 kcal.

When you split it in half, the cheese is thick. The appetizing scents of tomato and cheese have also spread.

The batter is crispy and fragrant, and the crisp potatoes have a melting texture. You can also feel the gentle sweetness of potatoes. The richness of the cheese goes well with the sourness of the tomato, and the sweetness of the tomato, which is close to the taste of ketchup, is also outstanding.

The sauce came with the purchase, so I tried it.

The sauce has a strong sweetness, and when it was sprinkled, the sourness of the tomatoes and the sweetness of the potatoes were overwhelmed, resulting in a sauce-based taste. If you want to enjoy the taste of potatoes and tomatoes, try eating without sauce.

'Tokekoro Tomato & Cheese' can be purchased at Lawsons nationwide except some stores, and the price is 180 yen including tax.

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