Headline news on June 23, 2020

A popular light novel series with a cumulative circulation of more than 14 million copies, the game app ' Magic Solitaire ~Magician Orphen Hagure Journey~ ' of 'Magician Orphen', which was newly animated in 2020, is available today June 23 Officially released for iOS and Android on Tuesday.

'Magic Solitaire-Magician Orphen Hagure Journey' on the App Store

Magic Solitaire ~Magician Orphen Hagure Journey~-Apps on Google Play

With the voice of Shoten Morikubo, who plays the role of Orphen, magic will appear and it will help you clear the stage, as well as features that you can enjoy every day, such as a famous scene collection of animation, daily missions, and a login bonus to rank up.

In addition, the animation 'Magician Orphen Hagure Journey' has been decided to be produced in the second period, Kim Luck .
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Summary of how to use ``Fleuron'' database that allows you to search a huge amount of 18th century decoration symbol ``Fluuron'' for free-GIGAZINE

I tried using a non-destructive scanner ``Aura'' that can capture books up to A3 without cutting the book-GIGAZINE

I actually tried using ``iXpand wireless charger'' which is the world's first wireless charging and backup at the same time-GIGAZINE

Astonishing 71-year-old who crossed the Atlantic Ocean three times with a kayak, even if he was hit by a 7-meter high wave, he was ``not afraid of the sea''-GIGAZINE

Research results that casual daily activities such as ``singing in the shower'' and ``eating spicy food'' tell the person's personality-GIGAZINE

Genius physicist Dr. Hawking says, ``Humanity should go to the moon and aim for another planet, there is no other choice''-GIGAZINE

◆ Material (memo, various other)

◆Science (Science/Academic/Technology)
A groundbreaking study showing that everyone has the characteristics of autism: Nikkei Business Digital Edition

Why is there a difference in each country? And what about the second wave? -Paradise side

'Only Japan specialized and succeeded in measures against the new coronavirus'

There is no data to declare. If I judge Japan as a 'successful person', and I judge that I may judge that way, it is not an attribute of Japan 'only',

Various countries including Japan, especially Asia and Oceania

As a feature of, you have to judge.
Now, with that kind of thinking, I think we can exclude some hypotheses. For example,

'The Japanese take off their shoes when they enter the house, so there are few infected people.'

I have heard that theory. Certainly, the virus may be attached to the sole of the shoe, so it seems intuitive that removing the shoe reduces the risk of infection from the shoe.
But as above

'Countries other than Japan'

If you count as a successful person, it can be inferred that taking off shoes, which is a culture unique to Japan, has little or no impact on the whole.

◆Society, politics, economy (incidents, world news, business)
Misuse of evolution 'to make it easier to understand' criticism LDP opinion: Asahi Shimbun Digital

When the Asahi Shimbun heard about the criticism and future responses, the Liberal Democratic Party's Public Relations Headquarters replied, 'I expressed the constitutional amendments in an easy-to-understand manner.' did.

Arresting a 160,000 yen fare ``unpaid'' girl on suspicion of unpaid riding-Society: Nikkan Sports

Osaka Medical Doctor Chairman 'Three doctors died in Corona' Diagnose infected people [New Coronavirus]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

``Mr. Trump demands 850 billion yen in defense costs from Japan'' Bolton testifies in his book-Mainichi Shimbun

Abe Cabinet 'supports' 36% 'does not support' 49% NHK opinion poll | NHK News

Brazilian soccer player's 80% positive team continues to infect corona | NHK News

Ministry of Economy, Ltd. explained wrongly. Benefits business Opposition party pursues [new coronavirus] [METI's private consignment]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Mr. Nikai “Darwin is also happy” Misuse of evolution theory asked: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Use My Number Card as a license as well Chief Cabinet Secretary | NHK News

Prime Minister Abe's 4 elections “opposite” increased to 69% Asahi opinion poll: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Unauthorized acquisition of credit card information Use of 10 million yen or more arrest high school student | NHK News

Remarks from the LDP to 'dissolve within the year' continue to be said to be 'difficult' due to administration headwinds: Jiji.com

Greater concern over large-scale flood San Gorge dam in 24 provinces of China

Professor Shinya Yamanaka and his colleagues are members of the new government conference of new experts | New Corona | NHK News

Armed mysterious extreme right extremist ``Boogaroo'' rises in various parts of the United States Piloting protest demonstrations and inciting violence-Mainichi Shimbun

“Tsuchi noko” on the side of the mountain trail is illegally disassembled by the Ministry of the Environment: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Agricultural imports are more important than Iran Don't expect US President Abe to succeed |Kyodo News

New Corona: Tokyo Disney Resort announces reopening on July 1 (photo = joint): Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Statue of Former President Theodore Roosevelt to be removed National Museum of Natural History | NHK News

More than 120,000 dead in US corona infections beyond World War I = Reuters tally-Reuters

◆Lifestyle (life, life, health)
When the unemployed student asked the reason and said 'I was worried about remarks looking down on other students in the waiting room', I was angry that 'It is unfair to evaluate places not directly related to selection'- Togetter

A man who illegally invaded Grandma's back mountain was caught in a boar's electric fence and was transported by ambulance, and a police officer said, 'I want the voltage to be weakened before the dead person comes out because the voltage is too strong,' but ignored it. -Togetter

I often hear that ``If you fall from a height of 2 m, the contents of the skull will die'', but I often forget that it is a height with two steps of a stepladder ``1 m will take a life'' ``Spelunker was real oriented''-Togetter

I don't know at all the Japanese exam questions given at a high school in Korea, but ``It's all together'' ``This is also the English education in Japan''-Togetter

◆IT/gadget (net, software, hardware, mobile)
How to convert SLR cameras and mirrorless cameras into webcams | Nikon

Infected person contact confirmation application without notification until defect correction New Corona | NHK News

When the user is infected with the new coronavirus, if the processing number issued by the public health center is entered into the application, the other party will be notified that there is a suspicion of rich contact, and it will be about 3.71 million at 9 am on the 23rd. Items have been downloaded.

However, according to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, when a wrong number was input to the application for the processing number, it should be displayed as 'failure', but a defect was found that it was displayed as 'completed' indicating that it was successfully registered. is.

8 good practices for writing good code-official New Relic blog

There was unlimited online storage that I thought was extinct for 1,360 yen a month-nomolk's blog

No tuition fees IT engineer training institute opened in Tokyo for the first time in Japan | NHK News

Profession and perspective-mixi developers-Medium

ZOZOTOWN search infrastructure's findings from Elasticsearch migration-ZOZO Technologies TECH BLOG

U.S. worker visa suspended, new jobs unavailable-Seattle Gurashi software engineer

Individual developer and Covid-19 Radar project-laiso

0px image file-Un nouveau monde par fumé

◆Animation, game, manga (subcar)
[The second term is decided! ] 'I have reincarnated as a villain girl who has only the ruin flag of a maiden game...' 2021 second production PV

World masterpiece nostalgia 'Romeo lo spazzacamino'

Acquisition of Kaiyodo Co., Ltd. :: News Releases | MSD Corporate Investment Co., Ltd.

Notice of Capital and Business Alliance|Notice|Kaiyodo Co., Ltd.

[Smash Bra SP] Ramen love daughter

The song of the igist-Nico Nico Douga

◆Sports/Entertainment/Music/Movies (Entertainment)
Take Ishibashi to the baseball field-Yakult vs Chunichi Opener--- YouTube

Daily 'Where's the Return of Bath' isn't it a NG word? ]] What J] Summary Taro!

[Sad news] Hanshin-san escapes from reality: Nanjiei Stadium @ NJ Summary

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~Lotte's popular shake comes up for 100 yen! ~“100 Yen Kyoto Uji Matcha Shake” will be held for a limited time from July 1, 2020 (Wednesday)! | News Release | Lotteria

New release of 'Kirin Freeze® Super Cool Lemon' and 'Kirin Freeze® Strong Salt Lemon' for a limited time-Refreshing 'Freeze ®' perfect for summer

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