'Geekring' that you can enjoy surfing the Internet by randomly displaying maniac websites that can not be found by Google search

' Geekring ' is a unique website where you can enjoy maniac websites, where you can search for websites created by your own hobby without product advertisements or advertisements such as blogs and distribution pages of open source software and free software. Service.

geekring.net :: Let's webring like it's 1993!


geekring is a type of web ring that can randomly display registered websites . To use geekring, access the URL above and click 'The good old-fashioned frameset version' or 'The new-fangled iframe version'.

'The good old-fashioned frameset version' is a little nostalgic style where other sites are displayed in the lower frame while the geekring.net menu is displayed in the upper frame of the screen.

'The new-fangled iframe version' will display other sites using inline frames. By clicking 'Next', you can visit the website in the order registered in geekring.

'Random' is a button that allows you to surf the web by randomly displaying websites.

A page introducing open source software under development and...

There was also a personal blog. Many sites are written in English.

According to the geekring admin, geekring is a 'good old non-profit Internet' that also includes websites for open source and free software projects. 'For weird, weird, funny, personal websites, those who don't even see the first page of a search engine. At geekring you'll find something that no one has ever seen. You can,' said the geekring admin.

The condition for participating in geekring is 'a website whose primary purpose is not to make money', and you cannot participate in websites that sell products or advertise products or services.

In order to participate in geekring, it seems that you can contact the administrator from the

email form and if the administrator determines that the website you applied for is suitable for entering geekring.

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