A politician who dared to take on the challenge of 'breaking 53 disposable chopsticks with his hips' to protect his promise, and also showed off the rough technique of '5 simultaneous chopsticks'

In order to request the mayor of Kaohsiung City, Taiwan to dismiss (recall), a city council member of Taipei City said, 'For the number of votes exceeding 400,000 votes, divide one for every 10,000 votes and disposable chopsticks with the hips. ' When I declared it, I received a record number of votes of 939,090. In order to keep this promise, the city council member took on the challenge of 'breaking 53 disposable chopsticks with his hips.' The whole story is published on YouTube.

City Councilor breaks 53 chopsticks with his butt after losing bet on Kaohsiung City Mayoral recall – Taiwan English News


Taiwanese politician snaps chopsticks with his butt in exchange for votes

June 6, 2020, Taiwan's municipalities in Kaohsiung City, which is one of Korea Yu plebiscite was held to ask the recall of the mayor. The total number of voters in Kaohsiung City is about 2.3 million, and it took about 575,000 votes, which is a quarter of the number, to complete the recall. At the gathering, it was decided that the mayor of Han Kuo-yu would be dismissed. Mr. Han will be the first mayor in Taiwan's history to be dismissed by a recall.

After winning his first election as Mayor of Kaohsiung in the unified local elections in November 2018, Mr. Han will take advantage of his popularity to run for the presidential election, which is the head of state of the Republic of China. Mr. Han ran for the 2020 presidential election by defeating the opponent horse by a large margin in the preliminary election within the Kuomintang. I confronted the incumbent President Tsai Ing-wen. In the opinion poll conducted before the presidential election, Mr. Han was dominant, but due to the situation in Hong Kong around July 2019, Mr. Han, who was proclaiming a policy closer to China, stalled. In the end, President Tsai Ing-wen won with 8.17 million votes, the highest number ever since the start of the direct election, and the words 'Han Kuo-yu defeated' jumped on the paper.

Regarding running for the presidential election, Mr. Han initially declared that he would not participate in the presidential election and was elected mayor of Kaohsiung. However, Mr. Han broke this promise and took a leave of absence from Mayor Kaohsiung for three months to concentrate on the presidential election. It is said that a recall vote was held after a civic group that questioned Mr. Han's series of words and actions submitted to the city election committee the signatures of 400,000 citizens requesting a recall on March 9, 2020. Is a series of circumstances.

It was Mr. Wei Jie of Taipei City Council who wished for Mr. Han's defeat in response to this recall vote. In order to draw attention to the recall vote, Mr. Qiu promised, 'For the number of votes exceeding 400,000 votes, one for every 10,000 votes, disposable chopsticks will be divided by the hips.'

However, as a result of the recall election, more than 930,000 votes were voted, which is more than 530,000 votes, exceeding 400,000 votes, and a situation occurred in which '53 disposable chopsticks must be split with the hips'. In order to keep his promise, Mr. Qiu carried out the 'Ass Disposable Chopsticks Challenge' and posted the situation on YouTube.

Mr. Qiu's disposable chopsticks challenge will start around 2 minutes and 24 seconds in the following movie.

[Akichi] Thanksgiving Day! True man's employment requirement fulfillment Chopsticks consent! --YouTube

The man showing this butt is Mr. Wei Jie, Taipei City Council. I am 44 years old in 2020.

Insert disposable chopsticks between the underwear that has been bitten like a T-back, and put effort into the buttocks ...


The number divided will be counted by the assistant woman.

The scene was a friendly atmosphere, and there were spectators.

From the middle, Mr. Qiu started the challenge of increasing the number of disposable chopsticks to be split at the same time. Successful simultaneous splitting of 3 pieces ...

Simultaneous split of 4 pieces is also done.



Women also laugh.

And as the last challenge, try to split 5 at the same time.

Set it on your butt ...

I broke all 5 of them with a single blow.

Everyone was surprised at this ass technique.

In the end, he broke 53 books and achieved his promise.

In addition, Mr. Qiu seems to have learned about this challenge of 'splitting disposable chopsticks with his hips' by watching a variety show in Japan. After finishing this challenge, Mr. Qiu commented, 'It is not me who is really powerful, but the 939,000 people who voted in favor of the recall.'

The local Taiwanese English-language newspaper Taipei Times reported the news, saying, 'If you break chopsticks with your hips, pieces of disposable chopsticks can accidentally pierce your anus and cause cellulitis .' The child who saw his movie may imitate it. '

Chopsticks stunt may be dangerous: gastroenterologist --Taipei Times

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