Rwanda announces plans to build Russian nuclear research facility in Japan

At a conference held on June 15, 2020, the

Rwandan House of Africa ratified the agreement with Russia and passed a bill approving the construction of a 'Nuclear Science and Technology Center' on the territory of Rwanda.

Use of nuclear technology gets green light in Rwanda | The New Times | Rwanda

The agreement in question was signed on October 24, 2019 in Sochi, Russia. The Nuclear Science and Technology Center constructed under this agreement is a facility that develops integrated nuclear energy solutions, and the Ministry of Infrastructure of Rwanda will benefit the development of fields such as agriculture, health, education, science and industry. Is shown.

'The Government of Rwanda has initiated a development process for the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. The construction of a nuclear science and technology center in Rwanda is essential for the development of the nuclear field,' said Claver Gathete, Minister of Infrastructure. In order to gain international competitiveness, we have to set up a center in the country to provide Rwanda with the necessary skills for nuclear science and technology.”

'In modern times, radiation technology is also used in fruit storage technology and security equipment used to inspect vehicles.' 'The radiotherapy facility at the Rwanda military hospital in Kanombe is a big help for Rwanda. 'If you don't have the skills in those fields, you will have a big problem. You have to build technology that can be cultivated through laboratories and training.' I am.

'There are already over 50 Rwandans who have studied nuclear science and technology in Russia and have a master's degree,' said Gathete, saying he has plans to increase the number of students studying nuclear science and technology abroad. The plan is to have 20 students study abroad in Russia first, and then expand the number of study abroad destinations to the United States, Europe and Asia. Gatete explains that Russia's list of top destinations is due to Russia's ability to allow Rwanda students to study at nuclear power plants using the latest technology.

Meanwhile, some legislators have expressed concerns about nuclear technology. At the plenary session held on June 15, 2020, 76 out of 78 people voted in favor and 2 against. Frank Habineza, who voted against it, said, 'Nuclear energy is more harmful than good. Living near a nuclear power plant is like living near a nuclear bomb that explodes and causes a lot of damage.' Rwanda is densely populated and there is no construction space that can secure the safety of its neighbors and the people of Rwanda.'

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