Adobe ends distribution and update of Flash Player on December 31, 2020, blocks Flash content execution after the deadline

Adobe announced on its official website that it

will end the update and distribution of Flash Player by the end of 2020 announced in 2017. After the end of support date, the content will be blocked in Flash Player.

Adobe Flash Player End of Life

End of support for Adobe Flash Player

In the past, Flash Player was widely used on sites that allow you to watch videos online, but in 2015 YouTube changed the default settings for movie playback to HTML5.

YouTube announces that movie playback in HTML5 instead of Flash will be the default-GIGAZINE


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In the same 2015, 'Flash Professional' was changed from Flash content production tool to animation production tool, and the name was changed to 'Adobe Animate CC'.

Adobe renamed Flash Professional to ``Adobe Animate CC'' by saying ``Stop using Flash''-GIGAZINE

And in 2017, Adobe announced that it will stop updating and distributing Flash Player at the end of 2020.

Adobe announces the end of Flash by the end of 2020 to stop Flash Player update & distribution-gigazine

by Marco Paköeningrat

The content on the 'Adobe Flash Player end of support' page published in June 2020 is a more detailed version of what Adobe announced in July 2017 . It is revealed that the content is blocked from running in Flash Player .

In response, Hacker News, a social news site, is calling for continued enjoyment of Flash-based content.

Adobe to remove Flash Player from web site after December 2020 | Hacker News

There's a way to save it after converting it to another format, but j-james cites 'I found something very interesting', mentioning the Flash Player emulator ' Ruffle ' written in Rust .

Ruffle | Flash Player emulator written in the Rust programming language

As a demo, 3 animations and 2 games have been released, and you can confirm that they will work without problems. You can also load and execute SWF files in local storage.

Ruffle Web Demo

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