'Resident Evil Village' and remake version 'Demon's Souls' announced as new titles for PS5

A new title of ``PlayStation 5 (PS5)'' was announced in `` PS5-THE FUTURE OF GAMING SHOW '', which was released in 2009 and the latest series `` Resident Evil Village '' which is the official sequel to Resident Evil 7 `` Demon's Souls ' ' which remakes the action Demon's Souls for PlayStation 3 with PS5, `` Horizon Forbidden West '' which is a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn which recorded 10 million worldwide sales as a new title for PS4, etc. it was done.

Friday, June 12, Japan time 5am start: Future game experience realized by PlayStation®5 – PlayStation.Blog


Shuhei Yoshida, representative of SIE Worldwide Studios, appeared and said, 'I'd like to come to this special event today and introduce something important to me personally.'

Beautiful nature

Suspicious moon

People were hanging.

A variant flies in the sky...

Stand in front of a knight in armor.

'Demon's Soul' will be remade on PS5.

Demon's Souls-Announcement Trailer | PS5-YouTube

Mr. Dinga Bakaba from Arkane Studios, a game studio, appeared and said, ''Deathloop' is the next generation of FPS,' and the video started.


Different ability x shooting

'DEATH LOOP' will be released for PS5 and PC in the 2020 holiday season.

DEATHLOOP-Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer | PS5-YouTube

In the video that follows, one tree nestles in total darkness.


Something ominous

In the room

Wandering hand

Old man


'Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8)'

The main character is Ethan Winters, who is also the main character of 'Resident Evil 7'. Resident Evil 8 is the final part of the story of 'Resident Evil 7'. Chris Redfield, a veteran warrior, will also appear.

'RE ENGINE' is adopted as the game engine.

Resident Evil Village-Announcement Trailer | PS5-YouTube

A person wearing a suit like a space suit walking in a big city.

It seems that something was discovered.

What appeared there...

Mysterious girl

And a cat

Space suit and a girl's encounter

Suddenly something pops...

Two people thrown into the sky

An object like a space station approaches

The wire is unfolded……

Successfully managed to avoid


A girl and a space suit staring at the blue earth from a place that seems to be the moon

It will be released in 2022.

Pragmata-Announcement Trailer | PS5-YouTube

Beautiful large forest

The beach

blue sea

Aloy, the main character of Horizon Zero Dawn, appeared there.

An open world action that fights by hunting and overriding mechanical life forms that combine machines and animals evolves.

New mechanical life forms also appearing one after another

The sea is also a stage for adventure.

'Horizon Forbidden West (Horizon Forbidden West)'

At the end of the video, Aloy, which confronts mechanical life forms such as mammoths, is shown.

Horizon Forbidden West-Announcement Trailer | PS5-YouTube

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