Kevin Bacon starring horror movie 'You Should Have Left' trailer with feeling of 'shining' and 'others'

The trailer for the new psychological horror movie, ' You Should Have Left ,' starring

Kevin Bacon and directed by David Corp in ' Panic Room, ' has been released. The movie ' The Others and The Shining and the atmosphere is felt,' is expressed in a while, 'world's worst Airbnb also talk spend is Kevin Bacon in' has been described .

You Should Have Left-Official Trailer (HD)-YouTube

The main character of the story is Conroy, who plays Kevin Bacon...

A couple named Susanna (actor:

Amanda Seyfried ), an actress and wife of Conroy who is a year away.

The couple decided to spend their vacation at the mansion they found on the Minpaku site.

The villa is built in a peaceful and peaceful place.

Along the way to the villa, her two daughters, Ella, said, 'Daddy, are you an old man, so will you die before Mama?'

Conroy replies, 'I'm not that old,' but the conversation between them sounds like a prophecy.

Ella is very excited about the arrival of the mansion.

The couple also entered the house...

'This is the best'

'Wait. Can you hear me? It's quiet,' conroyed.

But at night……

When Ella is playing in the shadows...

The shadow of something crosses.

Conroy appeared there.

Ella reports, 'A shadow crossed the wall.'

“I know it's fun, but it's time to go to bed,” Conroy doesn't mind Ella's words.

On the other hand, Conroy notices the special structure that the doors continue in the back of the house, and the fact that there are abnormally many lighting switches.

Wondering the structure of the house, Conroy measures the size of the room using a measure.

I also measured the outside of the house...

Notice that the outside is 5 feet (152 cm) longer than the inside of the room.

'Is that possible?'

'It impossible'

And in a mysterious house...

Conroy decides to see a lame old man.

Conroy wakes up from a nightmare. The boundaries between dreams and reality are gradually disappearing.

Mysterious shadow.

The owner of a nearby store asked Conroy a meaningful question, 'Is something happening?'

'You chose this house,' 'You sent the link,' 'No, you sent.'

At night, Conroy heads to his desk, flipping through his notebook...

The message 'Go away. You should leave here. Go now.'

The conroy who felt the presence of others...

Looking back, the Conroy in the window is staring at Conroy himself.

Conroy finds herself and her daughter on the wall of her house.

Ella gets lost somewhere.


'You should have left. It's too late.'

In the dark room where Ella got lost...

Only the head of a woman with long hair comes out of the bathtub.

Conroy found a staircase leading to the basement.

There is a messy passage that doesn't look like a mansion.

'Something is wrong with this house.'

Conroy tries to get out of his house but not get out.

Ella asks, 'Why do many people hate dad?'

And what Conroy found was gradually confusing...

A woman sinking in a bathtub.

'This house chose me'

The mysteries deepen into the true identity of the family and what happened to the seemingly peaceful home.

Please note that 'You Should Have Left' will be available for distribution on June 18, 2020 via video-on-demand services such as Amazon Video and Apple TV.

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