New Zealand, where the number of new coronavirus infections has fallen to zero, normalization of people's lives by mitigating alertness

The New Zealand Ministry of Health reported on June 8, 2020, 'No new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) has been reached.' In response to this, the New Zealand Government has eased the 'COVID-19 Alert System' that had been introduced from March 2020 to 'Level 1', which is the lowest alert level among the four levels, and also related to social distance and economic activities. We announced that we will lift all restrictions and normalize our lives.

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The New Zealand Department of Health announced on 8 June that there are no COVID-19 patients in New Zealand. To date, New Zealand has reported 1154 confirmed cases and 1504 cases of COVID-19 infection, including suspicious cases, with 22 deaths from COVID-19. Meanwhile, 17 days have passed since June 8th since the last case was reported, and during this time, the last person infected with COVID-19 was asymptomatic for 48 hours and was diagnosed as 'recovered from COVID-19'. As a result of being released from quarantine, the number of patients with COVID-19 being treated at the hospital has dropped to zero.

'This is really good news for the people involved, and encouraging news for the rest of the world,' said Ashley Bloomfield, Secretary of Health, New Zealand, 'for the first time since February 28, we have a patient with COVID-19.' It's certainly important that it's gone, but as I said before, the continued vigilance for COVID-19 remains vital.'

In addition, Unite for the recovery , a recovery program from COVID-19 by the New Zealand government, announced that it will reduce the alert level of the 'COVID-19 Alert System' to ' Level 1 '. Under the 'Level 1' system, although there are restrictions on entry and exit from abroad, there are no restrictions on individual movement or gatherings, corporate economic activities, etc. It will be.

New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Adern said at a press conference on June 8 that COVID-19 was eradicated from the country, saying 'it has exerted an unprecedented unity in the country to beat the virus hard and swiftly'. Announced that it was done.

'We are convinced that New Zealand has eliminated COVID-19 at present, but this is temporary and requires continued efforts. COVID- We're almost certainly going to have another COVID-19 infection in New Zealand because of the 19's rampage, and we have to be prepared in case that happens.' , Indicated that he should continue to be vigilant.

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