Fujiya's ``Home pie mini (Peyoung sauce Yakisoba taste)'' tasting review that becomes a home pie if you continue to eat although it is completely peyoung at the moment you put it in your mouth


Pe Young, ' which is a classic instant yakisoba, has become the home pie for Fujiya for some reason, ' Home Pie Mini (Pe Young Sauce Yakisoba Flavor) ' has been available since June 2, 2020. I was wondering what the sweets were, which consisted of a bite-sized home pie mini and powdered Yakisoba sauce to recreate the taste of Bae Young, so I actually bought it and tried it.

50g Home Pie Mini (Peyang Sauce Yakisoba Flavor) BOX|Home Pie|Biscuit/Pie|Sweets/Drinks|Fujiya Co., Ltd.

So, I actually bought 'Home Pie Mini (Peyoung Sauce Yakisoba)' (left) and 'Pae Young Sauce Yakisoba' (right). Not only the reproducibility of the package surface is high...

The pattern on the back edge is similar.

Looking at the raw materials column, 'fried flour, powder of yakisoba' was listed next to the ingredients like baked confectionery called 'flour, vegetable oil, and sugar.'

The calorie is 274kcal per 50g. Also, next to it, he said, 'Please be careful not to pour hot water. It is probably not delicious when returned to hot water.'

When I opened the box, the inner bag came out. I thought I had seen it somewhere, so when I opened the real Bae Young...

The inner bag (left) and the small bag of Bae Young's sauce (right) were similar. It's amazing how much effort is put into not only the outer box but also the inner bag.

It looks like this when I take it out of the bag.

The scent of the sauce that comes out of your nose at the same time you put it in your mouth is the instant sauce yakisoba itself, so the first impression is completely Baeyoung. However, when you eat it as it is, you can feel the crunchy texture and sweet and salty taste, and the appearance of home pie suddenly appears. And after swallowing, the butter richness peculiar to home pie remains, so it is a mystery that shows a complicated change, 'I thought it was definitely a home pie...it might be a home pie...' It tasted good.

However, I felt that there was something lacking in 'paeyoung itself', so I decided to try eating real baeyoung.

When I ate real Paeyang, I could feel not only the scent of the sauce but also the spicy sprinkled with spicy sauce to enhance the flavor of the sauce. The spiciness of this spice is not found in 'Home Pie Mini (Peyang Sauce and Yakisoba)', so the impression that the reproducibility is halfway can't be wiped out. As a result, the flavor of sauce yakisoba and the taste like home pie are compatible at a high level, so I feel that it is recommended if you often eat home pie, but sometimes you want to eat a variable sphere home pie I will.

'Home Pie Mini (Peyang Sauce Yakisoba)' has been sold at retail stores nationwide since June 2, 2020, and the reference retail price is 216 yen including tax. Also, from the same day, a small bag type with a smaller content has also appeared, and the reference retail price is 136 yen including tax.

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