What is the most popular app in the US where protests against the death of a black man take place?

Massive protests and riots in the United States are protesting against unequal treatment of blacks following the

death of a black man, George Floyd, during his detention by a white police officer. 'The ranking of app downloads in the United States tells us how people are participating in large-scale protests,' Recode , a foreign media outlet , points out.

From Citizen to Signal, the most popular apps reflect America's protests-Vox

'American app downloads are shifting,' Recode points out, as protests over the cruel acts of the police all over the United States occur. By focusing on popular apps, it will be possible to see how people participating in protests are using technology and taking action.

One of the most popular apps since Floyd's case is '5-0 Radio Police Scanner,' which allows you to listen to police radio on your smartphone. '5-0 Radio Police Scanner' does not mean that the app directly intercepts the radio, but the feed is provided by volunteers who intercept the radio. At the end of May 2020, the number of users of '5-0 Radio Police Scanner' doubled every day, and at times it was ranked second in the 'Free App Ranking'.

An app that can listen to police radio in a large-scale protest against the assault death of a black man is adult-gigazine

In addition, ' Citizen ', which allows you to know the movement of various public institutions based on location information, and ' Signal ', which is a messaging application that enables encrypted communication, are also popular applications. According to Apptopia , which provides app usage data, both apps have been setting record high daily downloads since Floyd's incident. Citizen was ranked 4th in the iOS app download ranking in early June 2020, and Signal was also ranked 8th in the June 2 download ranking.

Citizen does not intercept police information like '5-0 Radio Police Scanner', but it is developed for the purpose of 'knowing information about 911, which is an emergency call phone number,' and is publicly available. We monitor available police and fire department information and disseminate information to nearby users. Also, it is possible for users who were at the scene of the accident or incident to post a movie and leave a comment to tell other people 'what is happening at the scene'.

These features allow users to monitor police movements through Citizen while communicating real-time status of protests to a wide range of users. Initially, it was accused of 'encouraging vigilant movements,' but Citizen's range of use is gradually expanding, and at the time of writing, New York City, San Francisco Bay Area, Baltimore, Los Angeles. It can be used in a wide area, such as Philadelphia.

Citizen was temporarily removed from Google Play on June 2nd, but was restored soon after. Recode contacted both Google and Citizen, but didn't get an answer as to why Citizen was deleted and restored. In a statement to Recode, Citizen said: 'Our core mission is to foster transparency and accountability between citizens and law enforcement. People use Citizen to ensure their safety, You can get real-time alerts and broadcasts to see what's happening in their city.'


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Signal is an encrypted messaging app that allows you to encrypt text messages, calls, movies, etc. Even if your smartphone is stolen or confiscated by law enforcement, you can hide your interactions. People participating in protests around the world attach great importance to interacting with these encryption-enabled apps to avoid state surveillance.

Recode is also attracting attention to SNS such as Twitter and Instagram in protest activities, and it is said that it is used as a platform to express protest to the government by sharing information about demos and posting images. Pointed out.

The online conferencing tool Zoom, which is gaining popularity in the COVID-19 pandemic, said, ``We want to make it an FBI or local law enforcement agency in case some people misuse Zoom, so for free users It does not perform end-to-end encryption.'

Zoom won't encrypt free calls because it wants to comply with law enforcement

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