'Flatty Works' with a texture made of cloth appeared in 'Flatty' that can store the contents of the bag at a glance & can store petanco so I tried using it

Appeared from the contents of the bag made of space reduction in glance & Petanko housed in a transparent case a certain texture of the fabric type from the transcendence convenient 'Furatti' 'Furatti Works' is June 12, 2020 (Friday). At the same time, it is said that a vertical type has also appeared in the classic flatty, so I tried to check the comfort of the new flatty collectively.

A new type of bulky bag-in bag 'Flatty' that can neatly organize small items in the bag! | News 2020 | File and Tepura's King Jim


There are A4 size (vertical / horizontal), A5 size (vertical / horizontal), A6 size, and card size in the fabric type `` Flatty Works ''. This time, A4 size (horizontal) yellow, A5 size (horizontal) mocha, I was able to rent A5 size (vertical) navy and card size khaki. Because it is a fabric, it has a warm atmosphere.

Let's start with the A4 size (horizontal) yellow. The size is 235 × 325 × 35 mm, the whole is cloth, but only the front is transparent vinyl.

The fabric has a texture like hemp and a rough texture.

I arranged it with standard flatty (white). At first glance, it looks like the Flatty Works are one size larger ...

Looking from the side, although the size itself is the same, you can see that the larger the gusset of Flatty Works, the larger the lid and the overall size looks larger.

Flatty Works has a wide gusset of 35 mm, while the standard Flatty is 20 mm. The width is almost doubled, so Flatty Works is for people who want to put a lot of things.

In addition, the transparent vinyl part on the front of the Flatty Works is plain, but the Flatty has a logo.

The back side looks like this.

It's a little difficult to understand, but both Flatty Works and Flatty have pockets on the back.

Also, Flatty Works was on the back instead of having the logo on the front.

When I open the lid, it looks like this. The lid is a magnetic type, and the inside has a three-layer structure with partitions and pockets.

I put books and notebooks in each layer.

The innermost layer is completely separated from the front, making it a blindfold for things that you don't want to be noticed by people. Also, the partition has a pocket, but the pocket is a little shallow ...

The steps can be made as shown below, so even if you stack things of similar size, it is designed so that the person in the back will not be hidden.

I packed it in various ways.

It looks like this when the lid is closed.

Putting the same contents in the standard flatty looks like this.

The standard flatty also has a pocket inside, but the pocket is also a transparent material, so visibility is higher than that of Flatty Works. However, there is nothing like a cloth pocket that acts as a blindfold, so it looks a little messy.

When you close the lid like this. The Flatty Works look wider and wider, but the Standard Flatty looks a bit cramped. However, since the width of the gusset is small, the things inside are firmly held and it becomes difficult to move, so it seems that which to choose depends on what you put in and how to use it.

It's about this size when you hold it in your hand.

A convenient feature of Flatty and Flatty Works is that you can operate the smartphone even when it is inside. From the movie below, you can see how you are touching iPhone 11 from the outside of the vinyl.

Touching the iPhone from outside of `` Flatty Works '' looks like this-YouTube

However, please note that the second-generation 'iPhone SE' that just appeared had the drawback that the home button was difficult to push.

It looks like this when put in a bag. If you put small pieces in a bag, you may find that there are small items on the bottom, you don't know where they are, and you are always looking for something to retrieve what you need. With Flatty Works, you can see the contents of your bag at a glance, so you can check lost items in a moment.

Next, let's look at A5 size (horizontal) mocha. The size is 192 x 261 x 35 mm, and the size is larger than the standard A5 flatty, so the size looks larger.

Looking from the side it looks like this.

This also has a pocket on the back ……

The inside looks like this, and like the A4 size version, it has a three-layer structure with pockets.

When you put a paperback book, smartphone, pen, business card case, etc., it looks like this. This is also a shallow pocket, so a step is made, and it is a structure that 'you can see what is inside while blindfolding items appropriately and making them clean.'

Try closing the lid like this.

Putting the same contents in a standard flatty, it looks a little ugly.

Depending on the content, even if the same thing is put in, there is a difference in appearance.

If you take the A5's Fuatti Works in your hand, it looks like this size. It's as easy to hold as a handbag, and it's also convenient to put a passport and other necessary things when traveling.

A5 size flatty works are available in horizontal and vertical types. Vertical navy is shown on the right side below.

The back side looks like this.

The structure is the same as the horizontal type, and it is a three-layer structure with a partition that completely hides the contents and a pocket attached to the partition.

I put the same content as what I put in the horizontal type A5 size flatty works. The upper part of the pocket is higher than the horizontal type.

Anyway, the point is that it is easy to take out the contents when putting it in the rucksack.

The smaller, card-sized Flatty Works look like this. The size is 85 x 115 x 35 mm.

It is small, but it has a pocket on the back.

This structure is also the same as other Flatty Works, with pockets and partitions. The wide gusset makes it convenient for putting cosmetic bottles etc. on travel.

Also, since the vertical type has newly appeared in the standard flatty, I also checked this. The left is A4 size lavender and the right is A5 size red.

It has a common structure with a pocket on the back.

In both cases, the gusset is a narrow 20 mm.

The vertical flatty has a structure in which there are no pockets in both A4 and A5 sizes. When I put various things inside, it looks like this.

I put it in my bag. If you put something too small, it will get stuck in the bottom and it will be a little difficult to see depending on the shape of the bag. It seemed to be suitable for people carrying large documents and tablets.

Flatty Works will be released from June 12, 2020 (Friday). The price is as follows.

A4 (vertical / horizontal) / 2300 yen excluding tax
A5 (vertical / horizontal) / 1800 yen excluding tax
A6 / 780 yen excluding tax
Card / 850 yen without tax

Flatty's vertical price is as follows.

A4 (vertical) / 1050 yen excluding tax
A5 (vertical) / 880 yen excluding tax

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