It turned out that comments criticizing the Chinese Communist Party on YouTube were automatically deleted

Several media reports reported that YouTube's comments criticizing the Communist Party were immediately removed. YouTube has issued a statement saying 'it's due to a system error' on this issue.

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It was Jennifer Zen, a human rights activist from China, who first pointed out that comments criticizing the Chinese Communist Party were automatically deleted on YouTube. Zen said the 'YouTube in tweets May 13, 2020,' refers to the guerrillas active in the Chinese Communist Party's instructions communist bandit and comments and (Gongfei) ', will be automatically deleted in 15 seconds .3 I tried it twice, but all had the same results. '

The movie uploaded by Mr. Zen has a mosaic on the entire screen, but you can barely understand that you entered 'gong fei' in the YouTube movie that seems to be a news video.

When a comment is posted, it will be displayed at the top of the comment field ...

When I refreshed the screen after a while, it disappeared without a trace.

In addition, VR equipment manufacturers Oculus Palmer Luckey, who is a founder of, 'YouTube is the Chinese Communist Party Internet propaganda department of five hair on (Wumao) has been deleted all my comments. (Operates a YouTube ) Who on Google decides to censor American comments posted in movies uploaded by Americans on an American platform that is invisible to China? '' ..

All of these comments were deleted within a minute, which is extremely quick.Ignoring the context, positive comments such as 'Gomo is doing a really good job' were also deleted. A YouTube spokesperson said to several media outlets, including The Verge, Ars Technica, and TechCrunch, that 'it looks like an error in our executive system, but we're still investigating it.' Announced.

YouTube has been managing content using AI for some time, for which ' war crime movies with material value have been deleted as violent movies ' ' movies for educational purposes are also regulated ' Problems have been pointed out so far.

In particular, since March 2020 when the spread of new coronavirus infections began in earnest, Google has switched the work system of all North American employees to remote work except some, and accompanying this content monitoring on YouTube Since AI is also the main axis, it was expected that 'the number of false policy violations will increase.'

The influence of the new coronavirus may increase the number of videos that are mistakenly judged as `` policy violation '' on YouTube-GIGAZINE

The Verge commented on content deletion on YouTube: 'Google has often been criticized for following the Chinese Communist Party's intentions by allowing content to be censored. In particular, we have begun developing a censored search service for China. “ Project Dragonfly ” is notable: it wasn't a reality, but it was one of Google's long-standing trial and error efforts to enter the Chinese market. ” did.

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