Twitter labels Trump's tweet for the first time “misleading”

By labeling 'edited movies and photos,' and potentially misleading tweets, Twitter takes steps to prevent people from being tricked by deliberately manipulated information. I'm taking it. It turns out that this label was attached to the content tweeted by President Donald Trump in the official Twitter account for the first time.

Twitter labels Trump tweets as'potentially misleading 'for the first time-The Verge

Twitter adds a warning label fact-checking Trump's false voting claims | TechCrunch

In the state of California in the United States, in view of the effect of the new coronavirus, it has announced that it will allow voters in the state to ' mail ballot ' about the voting method in the presidential election held in November 2020. In response, President Trump's Republican party has filed a lawsuit with California Governor Gavin Newtham to withdraw his mailing vote.

Labeled as 'misleading' are two tweets summarizing the opinion of President Trump on the following mailing votes:

In a tweet, “I can't! It's clear that a mailing vote is like a real scam. A post was hit by a thief, and ballots collected from it were forged, illegally printed, and illegally signed. The Governor of California intends to mail ballots of millions of people to anyone who lives in the state can vote, who they are and how. It doesn't matter if you've arrived, many of these people haven't even thought of who to vote for, so using a mailing vote can result in a fraudulently organized election. That's not possible! '

When embedding, there is no label display, but when you see the tweet in the application or browser, the label 'Get the facts about mail-in ballots' is attached. You can move to the fact checker page by clicking the label. The landing page says, 'President Trump falsely argued that a postal vote would lead to a malformed vote. But FactChecker concludes that there is no evidence that the postal vote is related to voter fraud. I did. '

A spokeswoman for Twitter commented on President Trump's tweet that 'it contained misleading information about the voting process and was labeled to provide additional context for mailing votes.' States.

In addition, President Trump tweeted incorrect information about hydroxychloroquine, an antimalarial drug that he takes daily, 'it has been proved to be effective in treating new coronavirus infections', , This tweet was not labeled as 'Misleading'.

President Trump responded by saying this week on Twitter: 'Twitter is interfering with the 2020 presidential election. Twitter fake in response to my opinion that a mailing vote would lead to massive corruption and election obstruction. Labeling it as 'wrong information' based on fact checks from the wrong media, such as the news-reporting CNN and the Amazon-owned Washington Post, is robbing the freedom of speech! I can't forgive you! '

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