A crocodile who survived the war of World War II was aged at the age of 84, what is its turbulent life?


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It turned out that Saturn , an 84-year-old Mississippi crocodile kept at the Moscow Zoo, died on May 22, 2020. Saturn was a famous crocodile of the Moscow Zoo, known for its urban legend of being once Adolf Hitler 's pet, and also known as the crocodile that survived the World War II air strike.

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Berlin WW2 bombing survivor Saturn the alligator dies in Moscow Zoo-BBC News

The Moscow Zoo tweeted on May 23, 'The crocodile Saturn died of aging yesterday morning. It was a respectable age of 84.' Based on the fact that the life of a wild Mississippi crocodile is said to be about 30 to 50 years, it can be said that Saturn, who died at the age of 84, was just a lifelong death.

Saturn spent most of his 84-year life at the Moscow Zoo, but his first ten years were turbulent. Records show that Saturn returned from an egg in America in 1936. Captured that year, Saturn was housed at the Berlin Zoo in Germany.

Some historians claim that the Berlin Zoo had a private exhibition space dedicated to Hitler, and Saturn was there. However, it is said that the view that Saturn was in a publicly opened lot is dominant. Therefore, although Hitler may have seen Saturn when he visited the Berlin Zoo, it is said that Hitler was not the only one who loved him.

The Moscow zoo denies the urban legend that connects Saturn and Hitler, saying 'animals have nothing to do with politics, so it is ridiculous to condemn them to humans.'

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In 1943, when Germany's defeat in World War II began to increase, Berlin, the capital of Germany, suffered many victims of an air raid. Also, one of the bombs destroyed an aquarium in a corner of the Berlin Zoo, killing most of the crocodile with over 20 heads. However, only a small part of it is said to have survived, and there are reports that crocodiles who have escaped from the zoo are wandering on the streets in search of food. Saturn is also considered to be one of the alligators that survived at this time.

It is unclear as to how Saturn lived for the next three years, with no data remaining, but it is recorded that when the British army occupied Berlin in 1946, Saturn was handed over to the Soviet Union. By the time Saturn arrived at the Moscow Zoo, there were only two crocodiles in the park, making Saturn instantly popular. Saturn was called 'Adolf Hitler' for a while because it came from Germany, but after that it was given the current name 'Saturn' again.

Saturn said that he liked his food a lot and loved brushing his body. Also, because Saturn had a warm personality, the keeper may have allowed children to put a broomstick in Saturn's cage. It should be noted that in the 74 years Saturn spent at the Moscow Zoo, the only attempt to harm humans was the one that occurred in 1970, biting into the hand of a young security guard who tried to feed directly with his hands. did.

by Московский Зоопарк

Moscow zoo says, 'To us he was a symbol of one age without exaggeration. The Moscow zoo had the honor of taking care of him for 74 years and he watched us like a child We hope he did not disappoint his expectations, 'he mourned Saturn's death.

Saturn's corpses will be sent to the Animal Specimen Factory in the Darwin Museum in Moscow for a special stuffed display.

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